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Method hit for PC now also confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S

Business of Heroes 3 has actually been revealed and the release date for the PC version is now known.
As part of a brand-new trailer, the console variations were likewise officially confirmed for the very first time.
Update from December 9, 2022: It is the very first time that it produces part of the Business of Heroes video game series on the console-a release date of part 3 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S variations
however not yet.
This need to follow in the coming year.
There is currently a trailer for the console variations:
Business of Heroes 3-Console Gameplay Reveal
There is finally a start date for the PC variation of Company of Heroes 3: the video game is set up to appear on February 23, 2023.
Original short article:

Company of Heroes 3: Release likewise possible for PS and Xbox

Company of Heroes 2, the predecessor of the announced method video game, appeared in 2013-at that time exclusively for the PC.
The successor is set up to appear on February 23, 2023.


You can already pre-order the game via Steam, however console variations have not yet been announced.
Now, however, data has appeared that suggest the opposite.

The Taiwanese committee for evaluation of digital games has classified Company of Heroes 3 for Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.
It is therefore rather possible that further versions of the video game for PlayStation and Xbox will be revealed in the course of the coming months or weeks (source: Gets).
What is it about in the coming video game?
Designer Antique Home Entertainment and Publisher SEGA explain Business of Heroes 3 as The Ultimate Package of Action, Methods and Strategy.
You take the command in a real-time battle in which every choice counts and ultimately picks success or defeat.
You do not know what to gamble at the minute?
We have a few tips for you:
9 Must Plays in November 2022-the video game year is truly going on in driving
on YouTube
Pre-order ## Business of Heroes 3 from Steam and safe and secure bonus offers
You can already pre-order the previously announced PC version from Steam.
You get the normal version for 59.99 euros, however pre-ordered get the Devils Brigade DLC Load as a bonus-a collection of advantages, motivated by the first command systems of World War II (source: Steam):.
Us rifleman cosmetics (legendary).
United States scout cosmetics (legendary).
M18 Hellcat cosmetics (famous).
M8 greyhound cosmetics (legendary).
Pioneer profile & title (famous).

Wow, the best DPS remote in mythical dungeons + mm + on Dragonflight

We present here our tier list concerning the best DPS remote for legendary dungeons + mm + wow on Dragon flight.
IEEE is to present the best classes and specializations for DPS in mythical keys in the majority of situations, on a level 15-20.
Thus, although certain specializations can stand out on specific affixes and situations, we prefer to present a global view of the DPS on World of Warcraft.
Important: this classification is based on our observation of the META as well as our experience in MM+ on the Beta phase of Dragon fight.
This ranking is therefore based on the level of the various specializations currently, on the beta.
Note that this classification will be updated according to the changes in the META and the various patches.
So who is the best DPS in mm+ on Dragon flight?
What specifies in a group with melees during season 1 in mythical dungeons +?
Answer in our guide!
Up to date: this list is up-to-date on Wednesday, December 7.

The best DPS remote in mm+ on Dragon flight

In good shape during a part of Shadow lands, the DPS remotely seem less in power to launch Dragon flight.
Thus, although a demonology demonism is close to the best CAC DPs, the other options are currently behind.
It is therefore likely that the majority of the best groups are mainly composed of CAC.

The Demonology Demonism, a Tank remotely

The demo demon is back in the foreground on this launch of Dragon fight!
In the destruction of all shadow lands, demonology should cross in mm+ thanks to high DPS potential.
It must be said that the class has a very good DPs as well as an extremely important resistance, allowing it to be devolved to the highest level.
In addition, its UTILITY kit ideally completes a group composed mainly of CAC, which will probably give it the role of the bait (part of the boss capacities are mainly aimed at the distant) on a lot of high-level capacities.


  • A good DPs especially in monocle
  • One of the best resistors of the game, capable of resisting several boss capacities in a row
  • Many defensive CDs as suction and pact
  • A unique egalitarian kit with HS but also the door
  • The ground combat via Pierre AME


  • A DPS a little less good than the best body-to-body of the game
  • No group buff
  • Relatively limited mobility
  • Little crowd control
    Conclusion: Concretely, the demonist should find a place in groups with an evocative or a shaman in Heal (these last arrests of BL) and several DPS in the CAC.
    Thus, the demo will have a somewhat thankless role in these groups, but its global kit will be particularly useful even if its DPS will not necessarily be the best.


Le Mage Give, Le Couteau-Suisse

When you don’t know what to play at a distance, don’t look long and mount a mage!
The Na class never really experienced a period when no specialization was considered powerful and at the start of expansion, Arcane and frost will cross in the MM+groups.
Note that our choice here is on frost mainly because we have a level 20 groups. At a high level, Arcane has a higher potential DPS, but its cycle requires specific situations to crisscross while Give will be effective in all situations.


  • An effective DPS in all situations
  • Lots of crowd checks, allowing your kite tank more easily
  • An incredible survival via in particular the block and the barrier
  • The Intel buff is interesting for your Heal and the other DPS Caster
  • Good mobility via Blink
  • Has a BL thanks to TW
  • The ability to withdraw curses via curriculum


  • A lack of Burst DPS
  • A group buff limited to the casters
  • Although the cycle is relatively easy, its DPS is built over relatively long periods, which could be difficult to obtain on certain fights, especially if the mechanics of the boss focus on the mage if the latter is the only ranged in the group
    Conclusion: Thus, the Mage Frost is clearly a solid option among the DPS remote for season 1 of MM+ on Dragon flight.
    His survival, his mobility and his kit should open a lot of doors that his gameplay is relatively easy to handle.
    However, his way of carrying out damage could limit his interest to high level, especially in groups where he will be the only remote.

Other viable options from a distance

We are here on classes that can totally be played at high level but which may require specific compositions to really cross.

The Hunter Master of Beasts, in ambush

On paper, the BM hunter is very close to a remote Meta option due to a good DPS, survival and utilitarian combo.
However, its current DPS figures are a little too limited to really make an indisputable place in the best groups of MM+.


  • A relatively solid moving DPs
  • The presence of an immunity thanks to the turtle
  • Redirection makes it possible to make large sweaters for your tank
  • A kit that allows to be the only remote in the group and therefore to attract the mechanics on either
  • Heroism via rage, facilitating the composition of the rest of the group


  • A DPS still a little low compared to the best options, especially when to cleave is not possible
  • Limited survival outside its immunity
  • The DPS depends on the farts, which tend to bug or not to follow the actions of the player, creating sometimes very frustrating situations
  • No group buff
    Conclusion: Thus, in a meta where the DPS hand-to-hand seem to be favored, the role of the BM hunter could occupy the role of the player who attracts the capacities of the boss to make life easier for CAC’s.
    In addition, he can take advantage of the physical DPs buffs to win in DPS, a synergy that will surely be appreciated in a group.
    However, its current potential is limited enough that some dungeons could be complicated for the farts.

The Shadow Priest, Buffs but not only

We have long hesitated to place the hunter mastered animals in this place since the Hunter could be favored to bring Tehran.
However, we appreciate the most of the priest Shadow in a mm+group, especially with the lack of power of other class specializations, making his kit relatively unique.


  • A rather correct DPs even in motion
  • The endured buff allows the overall survival of its group
  • The concentration is excellent in specific situations but also against Affine Bursting
  • A good survival and the possibility of to Heal to go up the group


  • Relatively limited mobility
  • Correct DPS potential but less good than the best options in mm+
  • Nod heroism or outing of the first floor, which will limit its interest according to the composition of the group
  • A kit that sprinkles mainly on a few affixes
    Conclusion: the priest shadow should thus be a solid but not ultra meta option due in particular to figures slightly limited in terms of the DPS.
    However, its interest will be very strong in specific situations and its survival will allow being integrated into high-level groups.
    Consequently, we are here on a specialization which will require a particular composition to really sprinkle but which will be completely viable for keys 15-20.

Le Mage Arcane, the chief’s surprise?

We are going to be frank, we see a lot of third parties completely forget Arcane mage when we have trouble not put it in front of the frost specialization.
It must be said Hurricanes has a very good potential in DPS, especially in Burst, a big highlight compared to the majority of casters in season 1. However, this potential is linked to a great knowledge of the dungeons and also requires a preparation of
sweaters for really DPs.


  • A very high potential for Burst DPS
  • Is capable of withdrawing curses from the members of the group via Secure
  • An incredible survival via in particular the block and the barrier
  • The Intel buff is interesting for your Heal and the other DPS Caster
  • Good mobility via Blink
  • Has a BL thanks to TW


  • A DPS which requires being able to align offensive CDs and therefore to be able to plan its washed sweaters
  • A cycle that could be completely offbeat to avoid boss mechanics, which limits its interest in a group where it is the only distant
  • Less survival than a frost mage or a demo demon
  • A class that is played relatively close to its targets to make DPS, which reduces the place for body-to-body and exposes the mage to more damage
    Conclusion: The Arcane Mage has an incredible DPS capacity and could absolutely rise to the top of this classification if the conditions are optimal.
    Thus, specialization will need a specific situation to crisscross, which could limit its interest to a handful of groups, but its potential is undeniable.
    Here is our analysis and list of the best DPS classes and specializations remotely for mythical dungeons + (mm +) of Wow on Dragon flight.
    For other positions, you can find our list of the best tanks as well as that concerning Heals and DPS CAC.
    You will be able to find the lifting of our guides as well as Dragon fight Actuality on our World of Warcraft portal.

Get a free fortnite load screen with this code

With the launch of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, players have the opportunity to get a lot of cosmetic rewards without any problem.
One of those rewards, in particular, is the Re fractured Light load screen, which players can claim absolutely free when redeeming their single exchange code.
With that out of the way, here is a Fortnite guide to help you.

Claim the refractive light load screen.

Free load screen code-Fortnite Chapter 4

The exchange code to claim a free cargo screen at the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 4 is PQVER-SBM7G-NEFB6-98BWW.


Image source: epic games

How to redeem codes on your Epic Games account

There are two ways to exchange a retail code: through Epic Games Launcher or through the Epic Games Store website.

Epic game launcher

  • Open the epic game initiator.
  • Log in your Epic Games account.
  • Click your name in the upper right corner.
  • Click Code.
  • Enter the code and then click redeem.
    Note: You should receive a message that the code was exchanged correctly.
  • Click back to start to return to the initiator’s home page.

epic game store

  • Open your Internet browser.
  • Go to the Fortnite exchange center.
  • Log in your Epic Games account where you want to exchange your code if you have not yet logged down.
  • Pass the mouse on its name in the upper right corner and click on Code.
  • Enter the code and then click redeem.
    Note: You should receive a message that the code was exchanged correctly.
    There you have it.
    That is all you need to know about getting a free load screen in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. To get more information about the new season, be sure to consult our guides on the size of the Fortnite update Chapter 4 Season 1 in all the
    Platforms, how the Fortnite map is seen Chapter 4, as well as a list of all new, vaulted and weapons without saving in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.
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  • All NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1
  • The best XP maps in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1
  • Is Battle Lab in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1?
  • Where to find Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

All brand-new POIs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

At the end of the previous live event, the whole fourteen days of map and their poi have been ruined.
However, the paradigm managed to conserve whatever she might and created a new island with Lois from different truths.
While this brought a wealth of different characters from various universes to the Fortnite universe, it likewise produced a new card and a number of new Lois in the game.
Here are some of these brand name new poi that you will stumble upon.

All brand-new Lois on the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 card

As in chapter 4 season 1 pointed out, the note, Legendary Games has listed a few of the new Lois in Fortnite.
These locations are as follows:
The citadel
Harsh bastion
Broken plates
Wave broken bay
Lonely labs
Slappy Shores
Faulty splits
These are all info that we have in relation to the card.
The servers have not yet gone live, and the community currently speaks of some mistakes that prevent them from downloading the video game to Android devices.
As quickly as the servers go live, we can discover whether there are other puts on the menu.
We will upgrade this piece as soon as we have more details.
While we understand what the card looks like at this moment, we do not understand where the absolutely now is.
The paradigm used the power of the absolutely no point to assist connect these locations from different truths.
This ball needs to be somewhere on the island, or perhaps even below, but nobody knows where it is.
Hopefully in the course of the season we will discover more about the area of this legendary and truly troublesome object!
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 will also contain a variety of new weapons in addition to some repeating.
In addition, Gerald from Trivia and Doom Slayer will likewise be revealed on the island, however at a later date.


Oh, and you can likewise use some buffs in the form of Reality Enhances!
Fourteen days are now offered for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Change, PC and Android.

  • This post was updated on December 4, 2022

Pokemon GO Mega-Raid-Tag On to Hoenn

The occasion season in December 2022 in Pokémon Go begins with the Mega-Raid-Day project: on Horn on December 3, 2022, between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. To commemorate the Pokémon Go-Tour Horn revealed for February 2023, the brand-new mega developments Mega-Galdro, Mega-Lohgock and Mega-Sumpex are released to the coaches after Horn. What type of bonus offers can there be at the occasion if you desire to play it free of charge, and what can the Pokémon Go players expect if you purchase the event ticket? We discuss this to you in our guide below.


mega-raid-tag: on to Horn in Pokémon Go

  • In this occasion, detainees captured dominated the filling attack Flora statue.
  • Look caught at this event control the Low Cannonade packing attack.
  • Sumpex captured at this occasion control the Aquahaubitzen charging attack.
    If you turn the photo discs of arenas throughout the event, You will also get up to 5 complimentary raid passes.

As pointed out previously, the event will occur on December 3, 2022, between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. In this time, the mega raids will extremely likely generate in all arenas. Because with the occasion, the mega developments from violent, Look and Sumpex enter play. The possibility to get a Shiny Violence, Shiny Look or Shiny Sumpex after a win versus Mega-Gewaldro, Mega-Lohgock and Mega-Sumpex is increased.

Event ticket for the mega-raid day: Off to Horn

For 5.99 euros you can go shopping the occasion ticket for the occasion. This does not bring you a special research or the like, but grant you on December 3, 2022, between 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. (!) The following rewards:

  • 6 additional raid passes from arenas (i.e. a total of twelve that day).

  • Increased chance of XL unique candies.
  • 50 % more EP for RAID battles.
  • Twice as much star dust for raid battles.

The occasion season in December 2022 in Pokémon Go starts with the Mega-Raid-Day campaign: on Horn on December 3, 2022, in between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. To celebrate the Pokémon Go-Tour Horn revealed for February 2023, the brand-new mega developments Mega-Galdro, Mega-Lohgock and Mega-Sumpex are launched to the coaches after Horn. What kind of bonus offers can there be at the occasion if you want to play it free of charge, and what can the Pokémon Go players anticipate if you purchase the event ticket? For 5.99 euros you can shop the event ticket for the occasion. Anyone who wants to be traveling with a group of their community to farm EP, Star Dust and XL sweets absolutely benefits from the occasion ticket to the mega raid day: on to Horn.

Whether you want to invest the money or not, that needs to decide for yourself. Anyone who wishes to be taking a trip with a group of their neighborhood to farm EP, Star Dust and XL candies definitely advantages from the event ticket to the mega raid day: on to Horn. There are not a lot of casual players through the ticket. An investment of nearly 6 euros is not actually worth it.

To house page.

The best demons in Soul Hackers 2 – List of Levels

If there is something that is in Soul Hackers 2, it is demons. There are so many options scattered in 32 types, which may seem impossible to remember who does what. That is why we have compiled a list of Soul Hackers 2 demon levels.

Soul Hackers 2 List of Demon levels

We divided this list of levels into three different categories: demons of early games, medium games and late games. This is done for ease of use during the game. You will also notice that we did not turn on each demon-because of the huge number of demons, we cut it to the most necessary, so that you know exactly what you need to focus on.

early game (levels 1-25)

mid-game (levels 26-50)

Late game (levels 51+)

The usefulness of each demon can vary depending on your proposed style of the game and on whether you have united them. Therefore, although this list of levels serves as a reliable guideline, keep in mind that your real game experience may differ and give different results.


Looking for more Soul Hackers 2 in Pro Game Guides? Check what is the difference between Soul Hackers, Shin Megami Tense and Persona?.

One Fruit Simulator codes (December 2022) – Free beta

Roblox One Fruit Simulator is an experience developed by Digital Sea for this platform. In this game, you will create a character in a role-playing game with an open world and strive to train in an environment similar to a simulator. Improve your strength and weapon’s strength to move on in the game. Join your friends Luffy and other pirates to find out if you can become the best fighter in the world.


If you are looking for a freebie, you can find it using our One Fruit Simulator codes. If you do not know how to redeem at One Fruit Simulator, you can find out how to do this below in the section of frequently asked questions! Do not forget to add this page to the favorites by clicking Ctrl + D on the keyboard or by pressing the Add to bookmarks button on a mobile device.

We cover everything related to Roblox! If your avatar needs new clothes, hairstyle or something else, you can find excellent new things on our page of free Roblox items. If you are looking for free bonuses in some other games and adventures, be sure to read our pages’ anime adventure codes, Project Slayers codes and Kaiden codes!



All One Fruit Simulator codes

Frequently asked questions about the One Fruit simulator

How to activate codes in One Fruit Simulator?

What are One Fruit Simulator codes?

Where can I get more codes for One Fruit Simulator?

all codes One Fruit Simulator

  • Open beta-free experience, coins, statistics and increasing skills (novelty)
  • Beta-15 minutes of double skill, experience, characteristics and Boris
  • 500 likes-30 minutes of double skill, experience, characteristics and Boris
  • Subclstudio-free bonuses and awards
  • Subclstudio2-free bonuses and awards

Find codes for many other games on our page Roblox games.

Frequently asked questions about the One Fruit simulator

How to activate codes in One Fruit Simulator?

To use codes in Roblox One Fruit Simulator, you just need to take the following steps:

  1. Open Roblox One Fruit Simulator on your device.
  2. Click the menu button on the side of the screen.
  3. Click on the Settings option in the menu window.

  1. Copy the code from our list
  2. Enter it in a text field
  3. Press the Redeem button to get a reward

If this is a completely new code that does not work, try to close the game and open it again. This will place you on a new server on which there may be an updated assembly of the game, where the code will work!

What are One Fruit Simulator codes?

When it comes to codes and games such as One Fruit Simulator, you will find that they usually give you free rewards that give you the opportunity to achieve more progress in the game. They can almost always be used only once, so be sure to redeem them only if you are ready to use them as much as possible. You also want to use them quickly, as they can expire!

Where can I get more codes for One Fruit Simulator?

To find more codes, be sure to follow the Paid_SC on Twitter, which is the developer of the game. You can also join the official Discord server to get news, updates and communicate with other players. Otherwise, we will update this wiki with all the last codes, so do not forget to look here more often!

These are all the codes that we have now listed for Roblox One Fruit Simulator. If you see something that we lack, tell us about this in the comments so that we can add it right now!

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Simulator of one fruit, Roblox

CS: GO: Dev1CE defines tournament in which it will return to competitive after 1 year stopped

After spending more than 1 year without playing, Nicolai Device Reed is officially back to the CS: GO competitive. Fixed champion and twice MVP of Major, the Danish star, who recently announced his return to Astral is, will compete in the CCT North Europe Series 2, a championship in which the Danish organization was invited as one of the main key heads and debut directly on the round of 16 of the final competition.

Between 2017 and 2019, Dev1CE lived the peak of his career as a player, winning the Majors of League Atlanta 2017, Facet London 2018, IEM Katowice 2019 and Stepladder Berlin 2019, as well as several other Tier 1 titles in the period, such as editions 2, 5, 6 and 8 of esports championship series Season 2, Editions 7 and 8 of ESL Pro League, League CS: GO Premier 2018, Blast Pro Series: Global Final 2019, IEM KATOWICE 2017, IEM CHICAGO 2018, Dream hack Masters Marseille 2018, IEM Beijing 2019 and IEM Global Challenge 2020.

In April 2021 Dev1CE left Astral is and moved to Ninjas In Pajamas, with the mission of replacing the traditional Swedish organization among the best teams in the world. Although he won the title of IEM Fall Europe 2021 and arrived at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 playoffs, Device left the starting team of the NIP at the end of the year to take care of a state of mental fatigue, as the player himself described on social networks himself.


CCT North Europe Series began playing on November 24 and will be held until December 7, one of the last championships of the 2022 season, as well as Astral is, 7 other teams will be invited directly to playoffs, and Meet, OG and Gamerlegon They are already among the confirmed teams.

Casimiro eaks Youtube world record transmitting the World Cup and surpasses Elon Musk

Streamer and content creator Casimir Miguel Casimir Vieira, who has been highlighted on the Twitch and YouTube streaming platforms due to the 2022 World Cup oadcast, has just eak a new world record, becoming responsible for the most viewed Live in world.


This Monday (28), Casimir oadcast the match between azil and Switzerland on his official Twitch and YouTube channels. In the latter, the streamer accumulated 4.8 million simultaneous viewers and surpassed the audience of SpaceX’s release oadcast by Elon Musk: Twitter’s owner’s record was 4.2 million simultaneous viewers.

Adding to the Twitch audience, the content creator concentrated over 5.1 million viewers on their two channels.

In addition, Casimir also oke his own national record. During the match between azil and Serbia’s teams, the streamer surpassed the numbers of country singer Marilla Mendoza, who died in 2021 due to a plane crash of 3.31 million people. Came, in turn, concentrated 3.5 million people on the platform.

Phenomenon Casimir

Known as Came, the streamer is arguably the biggest name on the azilian internet in recent times. With viral content ranging from ‘reacts’ of Mastered episodes, game plays and debates about football, host and commentator dominates live oadcast platforms.

On November 9, 11 days before the 2022 World Cup official start, Casimir announced that he would oadcast 22 global games through a new YouTube channel called Cadet. Eight days after the start of the games, the channel accumulates more than 2 million subscribers.

How to watch games

To watch the games oadcast by Casimir, just choose your device preferably to keep up with your Twitch or YouTube oadcasts.

Check out the respective links from the platforms:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube

In addition to Casimir, all the 2022 World Cup games are being oadcast on TV Globe, Sports and FIFA+, FIFA’s official streaming channel.

NBA Sixers vermöbeln Magic, Bucks düpieren Dallas

Success in the 20th game-The Celtics highlighted their supremacy in the league through a 130: 121 over the wizards. As expected, Jaylen Brown leapt into the breach and led the Celts to success with strong 36 points, the ninth in the tenth house video game in the TD Garden.

The Milwaukee Bucks around superstar Giannis Antetocounmpo, who led his colors to 124: 115 versus Luka Dončić and the Dallas Mavericks, are even more on the heels. While the Texans slipped into the unfavorable (9:10), the Bucks increased second in the east to 14: 5. MASS lead character and MVP prospect Dončić, who came to 27 points in Milwaukee, five rebounds and Twelve helps, had to acknowledge after the video game that Antetokouplo was currently the finest gamer in the NBA. With 30/11, the Greek place on a double versus the Texans, while Maxi Keeper pertained to six points, four rebounds and three assists in the 2nd game after his back injury after his back injury.

Wagner bros without an opportunity

Isaiah Hammerstein lost with the New York Knicks with 123: 127 versus the Memphis Grizzlies around yes Moran, who managed the very first triple double this season with 27/10/14. Hammerstein came to four points and 4 rebounds in addition to a block in his quarter of an hour.

Like glue, the other Germans remained without a win. Franz Wagner scored 17 points for the Orlando Magic, but could not prevent the 103:13 degree against the Philadelphia 76ers. The recuperated older brother Moritz gathered twelve points, 6 rebounds and four helps from the bank. Orlando remains in 5:15 wins in the penultimate location in the east.

Moran’s jerseys remain in demand

MASS protagonist and MVP prospect Dončić, who came to 27 points in Milwaukee, five rebounds and twelve assists, had to recognize after the game that Antetokouplo was presently the best gamer in the NBA. With 30/11, the Greek put on a double against the Texans, while Maxi Keeper came to 6 points, four rebounds and 3 assists in the second video game after his back injury after his back injury.

As anticipated, Jaylen Brown jumped into the breach and led the Celts to success with strong 36 points, the ninth in the tenth house video game in the TD Garden.


After the video game in the MSG there was a little issue for the protagonist: Young star Moran actually desired to pass on his jersey to Knicks-Routinier Derrick Rose, who was always a role model for him with his style of play. The competitor in the battle for the Jersey was Moran’s own dad. The option: The Guard exchanged his dress and had two to distribute during the game.

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