The debate for a strong AIM assist for Controller Incall of Duty: Warzone does not break off. Now the well-known YouTube Streamer Guy Drdisrespect has been beautifully expressed, on his usual, cranky style. He made an ironic video about how easy warzone is with the controller.

What s? For some months, 3 large topics The community of Call of Duty: Warzone:

The nasty cheaters
The AIM Assist for Controller
Missing viewing field options on the consoles

While the cheaters all agree that the scooters have to disappear from the game, this looks very different from the AIM Assist and the field of view. Consoleros and PC players rub against each other s discussion, which is now unfair – the small field of view or missing AIM assist.

In a video on YouTube now also referred the YouTube streamer Drdisrespect – on its own kind. Under the title The big AIM-Assist war debate is out of control showed the streaming art figure that even his eyes Close can and still meet the opponents in close combat.

Actually, however, the DOC is just funny about how Ernst Manch a player takes the whole problem.

Drdisrespect is funny about debate

What is this for a video? Basically, it s a normal summary of a stream of Drdisrespect. The DOC meets with one of his best Youtube buddies, timthatan, and the two rocks a few rounds of warzone. However, with a small challenge – both play with the controller. The video we bind you here:

What are the Tim and the Doc on the AIM assist? When starting, the DOC clearly clearly cleares how easy it is to play with the controller Warzone. He places one on it and says that you can even close the eyes in melee. He says about the AIM assist: Even if I do not want to go to the types, I can not break the magnetism in close combat .

But that does not mean the DOC seriously. In fact, he wants to show how normal the gameplay also looks with the controller.

When in the course of the Stream Zaner comes into play, a companion of the Docs, becomes clear what it s all about:

ZLANER: Why do you play with controller today? Do you want to prove something or something?
Timthatman: I defend players at the controller.
Zanner: And the Doc tries to make a kind of joke?
Timthatman: JAP
Zanner: He tries to show that the AIM assist is the simplest thing at all?
Timthatman: JAP

So while Tim actually wants to support the controller players, the DOC only makes fun of the debate and spotcers via controllers. For him, mouse and keyboard are obviously still the superior input device. At the end of the video you can see an advertisement for DOC products – in the foreground: mouse & keyboard.

Who is Drdisrespect? Dr Disrespect is a fashion figure that is embodied by the streamer guy. It formerly worked as a community manager and Map designer at Call of Duty. As a doc, beautifully managed 2017 the breakthrough on Twitch. In the years he became one of the most important faces and notice signs of the streaming platform until he was banned in June 2020 and since then on Youtube streamed.

Why does Drdisrespect so a video? Currently the discussion about the AIM assist cooks up again and the DOC was in the middle of it. It started with a tweet a week ago: Without your AIM assist you are nothing! (Via Twitter). The large Twitch Streamer Myth was announced by Fortnite and has over 7 million followers on Twitch (via

Myth said, I would never pack a controller player in my top 10 s best ego shooter player (Via Twitter) and quoted the tweet of the DOCS. But the reactions follow promptly and current as well as former COD professionals report themselves, who have been playing with the controller for years:

Ian Crimsix Porter was most clearly and left myth the nice answer: With everything respect: Loll my .

Myth apologized in retrospect for his statement and meant that he was not in the position to give a serious assessment.

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The AIM Assist heats the minds in Warzone, but the DOC does not matter as always. He makes his joke about it and uses the momentum of discussion for his video title. But the discusion is hot and is likely to accompany us a while.

We are also happy to read your opinions on AIM-Assist or the amerative debate about the mechanics. If you want more backgrounds to work the AIM assist in Warzone, then look here: How to use the AIM assist in Warzone and COD MW.