The sniper rifle Kar 98K is the most popular Weapon Incall of Duty: Warzone and offers a thick advantage for players with the controller. Which advantage is and which sniper is rocking for mouse and keyboard, we show you on mymo.

What s? Loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone usually consist of weapons of the following categories:

Sniper Gun and Sniper Support
Range allrounder and melee weapon

And while 3 of these categories resistant change and meta changes are subject, the class of sniper rifles remain stable over a long time – the Kar 98K from modern warfare dominates the field of aggressive sniper rifles.

Currently, the Kar is even considered the most popular weapon in Warzone (Via Stand 27.09.21) and asks the expert Anthony Truegamedata Zachman, that s how it remains; At least for controller players. Because the Warzone Data Specialist has discovered that the AIM assist is much stronger than the direct competitor Swiss K31.

Kar 98K is the first choice for controller players

Why should Controller players take the Kar? The KAR 98K from COD MW offers a much stronger rotary AIM assist than the Swiss K31. The destination rotation is activated whenever you move with the left stick of the controller and runs an opponent through your crosshairs.

The Rotation Assist then actively engages in your control and follows the opponent for a fraction of a second. Together with the target slowdown , the target rotation forms the two mechanics of the AIM assist in Warzone. Learn here how to use the AIM assist to better snap with the controller.

The advantage of Kar 98K at the destination rotation you can view in the video of Truegamedata. We set you the time stamp at 2:43 minutes. Truegamedata compares the values ​​of the two weapons here and then shows the difference of target rotation. (6:35 minutes).

Why with mouse and keyboard the Swiss? In the video, the expert also shows why the Swiss K31 has in front of the AIM assist the nose and is therefore the best choice for mouse players:

Hardener hits in breast, stomach and neck
Much better toll speed
Faster in the visor
Higher motion speeds

Especially the faster reload is a strong argument for the Swiss sniper. With the Kar 98K you carefully load a ball after the other into the weapon with the big visor. The Swiss has a magazine clip and you push the 5 shot back into the magazine.

How does the AIM assist work in Warzone? The two mechanics of the AIM assist in Warzone:

Target slowdown : Is the crosshair near the destination, the sensitivity of goal is reduced. This creates a kind of adhesive effect and it feels like the crosshair near the opponent festive a little – applies to hipfire and visor fire (ADS)
Target rotation : When you move, you rotate your character with the opponent. This help only works if you move! Sometimes you turn a little bit aside when an opponent runs through the crosshair – also active in the hipfire and Ads

Here are more details about the AIM assist.

Which setups recommends the Truegamedata? For the aggressive Sniper weapons, the Swiss and the Kar 98K are considered set in Cod: Warzone. Truegamedata shows for both weapons setups, with which you minimize the time. We show you his recommendations:

Warzone Kar 98K Setup
Eat: Muffler (Monolith)
Run: singuard custom-made 27.6
Laser: Tactical laser
Visor: Rifle scope
Shank: FTAC sports wedge
Warzone Swiss K31 Setup
Eat: GRU-Mündungfeuer
Run: 24.9 Combat Enlightenment
Laser: SWAT-5MW Laser Marker
Magazine: fast magazine
Handle: snake handle

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The Weapon Meta of the Warzone continues to move together and the decision the weapon works best for you is more and more of your preferences and plays. Sometimes a bonus at the AIM assist can make up the crucial difference, but in the end, your feeling should decide.

If your strong alternatives look for your Loadouts, then looks past our list with the best weapons of the Warzone. We regularly hold the article up-to-date and show which meta adjustments there are in the current season.