After yesterday s free workouts today the qualifying is rising today at the Grand Prix of Turkey. Here you can follow the Formula 1 session in the live ticker.

The World Cup fight between Max stapping and Lewis Hamilton is currently as exciting as never before. Although Hamilton performs with two points in front of Max, but the Mercedes pilot will go away from climb in the morning due to a motors change tomorrow. We tick the complete session for you.

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Formula 1: Qualifying at the GP of Turkey today in the LiveTicker – Q2

New Best Round by Lewis Hamilton: For a few seconds, stages occupied the first place before Hamilton passes past him. The Brit is absolutely nerves the Dutch and is 1: 23,595.

Many yellow tires: Except for Mick Schumacher all pilots seem to be on yellow tires.

Hamilton Quiet: The World Champion sets the first time, but it will immediately get by TeamKollegen Bottas. With over five seconds behind Hamilton is not a serious round of lap.

Almost all bolides outside: There is still a certain pressure in the qualifying of Turkey. Except for Sainz, all drivers are on the Circuit.

Wet positions on the track: The threatened rain did not realize, but it is still slippery. The drivers can slide here at any time from the asphalt into the pouring bed. Three curves are considered particularly dangerous.

Q2 started: While the second round starts you can still hear the exuberant pit radio of Mick Schumacher, which of course follows the Q2. It continues in Istanbul!

Formula 1: Qualifying at the GP of Turkey today in the Livetick – End Q1

Direct duel at the top: While there is drama, it goes very close to the front. With seven thousands of thousands, Lewis Hamilton sets up in Q1 in front of Max to the top. On the third place follows a again strong Pierre Gasly with a hundredth behind.

Mick Schumacher reaches the Q2: The Q1 is finished and Vettel, Sainz and Mick Schumacher save themselves in the Q2! Ricciardo drives the last round, but the times can not go along. With him, Latifi, Giovinazzi, Raikkonen and Maepin fly out.

Focus on the back ranks: Hamilton pulls the front completely completely, but the focus is on the last ranks. Sainz has great problems and Ricciardo is here in the endangered area.

Tapping answers: The top teams do not take any risk due to the clarifying weather and get to the top. Meanwhile, Vettel slips back to the 17th rank and threatens to miss the Q2. Also Schumacher is only in 16th place.

New Best Round by Lewis Hamilton: The Briton pushes on the gas and snatches the first place at least for the moment. Trapping prepares an answer.

Hamilton on the route: The series world champion wants to drive a quick round to go safely as a tasty of the classium. Meanwhile, it says about radio that the rain suddenly ties.

In danger: are still about five minutes to drive and behind are Giovinazzi, Stroll, Tsunoda, Raikkonen and Maepin in danger. Vettel is at the moment only 15th, while Mick Schumacher is on a strong 13th rank.

Gasly as in the 3rd training: The Alphatauri jumps to the top and thus overtakes Leclerc, who has set a best time just before him. With over two tens of tens, the Frenchman leads the field.

New Best Round by Valtteri Bottas: Intermediate Facit in Turkey! Still, the rain is reasonably to control with the slicks, so that Bottas can put on the top. He follow Norris and stages, before Alonso, Leclerc and Hamilton follow.

Yellow flag: Tsunoda slips off the track and digs around the grass. Quite slowly he fights out of the green back on the asphalt, so the route is greeared again.

The rain comes: Some times have already been painted due to disregarded tracklimits. The rain comes and swirls here everything!

New Best Round by Lando Norris: The young man in Williams sets the first serious best time and lets Latifi and Vettel behind him.

Yellow Flag: There are the first rods and first turners. Carlos Sainz slips from the route while Latifi sets the first intermediate times.

Alfas first outdoors: The Alfa Romeros were first driven to the track, not to get into the traffic jam here. However, diligently overhauled to drive over the wet asphalt than over the full asphalt. Gasly and stages sit down at the top of the Ferraris.

There is stress: The reason for the early start of all teams is that in three minutes of rain is expected! The first drops already fall.

Start Qualifying: The traffic lights are on green, the start of qualifying in Istanbul is done. Some drivers are ready to turn some laps.

Formula 1: Qualifying at the GP of Turkey today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: At least 40 percent, the rain probability was estimated today, which sounds quite pessimistic now. Much more the drivers are bold with the damp spots in the deep curves. The temperatures are about 18 degrees Celsius.

Before starting: In Istanbul, the asphalt is still not completely dried and invites you to outliers and turns. At the same time, some teams are the chance of risk by changing at slicks at an early stage and enjoy a temporary part. In the 3rd training that would not have been worth it yet, but for a position in the first start series you could definitely think about it.

Before starting: On wet asphalt once more Sebastian Vettel was awarded and drove to third place in the meantime. About half of the training, however, the Heppenheimer pulled back into the box and therefore ultimately occupies only the twelfth place. Only one position behind him was commuted to Mick Schumacher, who turned many laps on the InterCity Istanbul Park, could get used to the conditions and the increasingly dry route used for himself.

Before starting: Not only because of his penalty of ten positions is Hamilton far behind: After two trainings at the top, Lewis Hamilton initiated the Saturday with only five lean rounds. When the silver arrows accepted the damp and little meaningful conditions, Hamilton observed the drift out of the box and allowed the remaining driver field to dry the route. So the 3rd free training ended for the series world champion in the 18th place.

Before starting: Thanks to the steadily drying route, the best times were exceeded practically in the round clock. Constantly presented mainly at the beginning Valtteri Bottas, Max Stappen and Pierre Gasly. The latter, in the end, drove the fastest round in the 3rd training, while Bottas fall back into the midfield, as he parked his bolides in the box.

Before starting: In the morning, the teams drove off the 3rd training and were considered after rainfall in the morning to dry the route. While some stretch parts already invited to slicks, puddles have accumulated in many curves and sinks. Here, a few centimeters decide whether the drivers drive on dry or wet asphalt. It is all the more important in qualifying to meet the ideal line

Before starting: Thanks to Hamilton s victory in Rotschi Two weeks ago, the Brit is back at the top of the driving rank, but only with two points. With a victory in turn, it would be stood again in the first place, it would be 8. the season.

Before starting: Lewis Hamilton was not to be obtained in yesterday s free training. However, the Mercedes pilot will have to perform similarly today to keep his penalty for changing the engine (ten places backwards) as minimal as possible. So at best, he can start eleven tomorrow. Competitor Max Stappen was in the first free training right behind Hamilton, in the 2nd training he managed only rank five.

Before starting: on the Istanbul Park Circuit starts at 2 pm the fight for the pole position.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to Formula 1 qualifying at the Grand Prix of Turkey.

Formula 1: Qualifying at the GP of Turkey today on TV and Livestream

The qualifying in Istanbul can be live and full length at SKY in full length. Again, SKY Sport F1 is the transmitter you need to call for it. At 13.30 clock commentator Sascha Roos and expert Ralf Schumacher contact you.

In addition, SKY also offers qualifying in the LiveStream. If you want to unlock this, you need either a SKYGO subscription or a SKYTICKET.

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Formula 1 – World Cup: Total stand in the driver s ranking

Pos. | Driver | Pkt.
— | — |-
1. | Lewis Hamilton | 246,5
2. | Max stipen | 244,5
3rd | Valtteri Bottas | 151
4. | Lando Norris | 139
5. | Sergio Perez | 120
6. | Carlos Sainz | 112.5
7. | Charles Leclec | 104
8. | Daniel Ricciardo | 95
9. | Pierre Gasly | 66
10. | Fernando Alonso | 58