Mercedes-Pilot Valtteri Bottas won the Grand Prize of Turkey and celebrated its first victory victory in Formula 1. The Finn launched by the pole trail in the 16th World Cup run from Red Bull Star Max Max. The Dutcher took over the lead in the World Cup rating of record champion Lewis Hamilton, which became fifth. The podium completed Sergio Perez (Mexico) in the second Red Bull.

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey – the end result

Place | Driver | Team | Stop
— | — | — |-
1 | Bottas | Mercedes | 1
2 | Stipen | Red Bull | 1
3 | Perez | Red Bull | 1
4 | Leclerc | Ferrari | 1
5 | Hamilton | Mercedes | 1
6 | Gasly | Alphatauri | 1
7 | Norris | McLaren | 1
8 | Sainz | Ferrari | 1
9 | Stroll | Aston Martin | 1
10 | Ocon | Alpine F1 Team | 0
… | | |
18 | Vettel | Aston Martin | 2
19 | Schumacher | Haas F1 | 1

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey – Conclusion

In two weeks we continue: That s from Turkey. An angry Lewis Hamilton will want to go back when it goes to the US in two weeks. In Austin, Texas want the silver arrows back to the top. It remains exciting. We are looking forward to it. Have a nice Sunday!

Bottas well in shape, stapping first: In the end Valtteri Bottas confirms his good shape and drives sovereign on the first place. For unpredictable conditions, he always held a controlled projection against stages. The Red Bull did not see any chances towards Bottas, but it can be very good with the second place, as he stands six points in front of Hamilton in the driver s standings.

German far back: During the race, Sebastian Vettel dared the only driver to change the slicks and was punished today. After a round without grip, he had to change the tires again and only landed on the 18th place. Immediately behind the Heppenheimer, Mick Schumacher arrests himself who was shot early in the race of Alonso, but at least could pass past the maepin over time. The Russian is annoyed by a failed pit stop.

No catching hunt for Hamilton: After a good start, Hamilton ultimately annoys about the strategy, because when he was standing in third place, the team took him to the box due to the aberrated intermediates. Thus, the Briton must settle with the fifth place in the race and the residual residue again on stages. In front of him, a strong Charles Leclerc arrived, who had to give up his podium place late in the race. On P6 Pierre Gasly finds himself again after a good race, followed by Norris. Behind it is Carlos Sainz, who could still go into the points in an outstanding race. Stroll and Ocon fill up the top 10.

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey – the LiveTicker for reading

End race: Valtteri Bottas is the first to go over the finish line and is cheered by his team. Behind him, stood on a sovereign second place. More was not there today, for the Red Bull. Behind him, Pérez completes the podium.

Hamilton wins distance: Just before the end, the points are more important than risky overtaking maneuvers, so that Hamilton can solve from Gasly and Norris. Between the three are about 1.5 seconds.

The last round breaks: Everything seems to be decided in front. Bottas leads much to stages, which in turn significantly leads to Pérez.

Ocon in the points? At the end of the top 10, Ocon shows a strong performance, which continues on the first tire set and will bring it into the goal.

Norris also: Behind Hamilton suddenly wave two riders in the rearview mirror of the British because Norris has become Gasly Herangen. However, Hamilton is likely to defend this position.

Gasly approaches: While Hamilton has to go downwards, Gasly approaches from behind. Of course, that would be the Super Gau for the silver arrows, if now the Alphatauri passes.

Complaints of Lewis Hamilton: Hamilton annoys about the draining on his fresh tire. At least he knew at the old, ripened mature, which is why he would rather stay on the old pneus.

No grip for Leclerc: LECLERC complains about a lack of grip on the rear axle, which is why he drives much slower than the competition. For the moment he holds at least Hamilton behind him. Calculated on five laps, but that will be very, very tight.

Boxing Radio Lewis Hamilton: Hamilton complains because he had to give up his position, but already pushes to the pace and hangs directly to Leclerc. The Monegasse seems to have problems.

Overhaul maneuvers of Sergio Pérez: Ultimately, maybe a afternoon with bitter taste for Charles Leclerc, which has to tear off Pérez in the last curve. This may be a bit surprising double podium for Red Bull.

Boxing stop of Lewis Hamilton: Now the time has come. Hamilton finally drives the box after his tires look like slicks practically. He gets fresh intermediates and arranges behind Pérez on the fifth place with seven seconds.

Boxfunk Lewis Hamilton: I chute back and forth, but it s okay, Hamilton reports to his team and resting with the aberrated intermediates about the asphalt

New Best Round by Carlos Sainz: Ferrari earns a lot of praise today. Now Sainz lays down the best race round on P8. With a view to the residue on Norris, however, this should be the highest of feelings.

Boxing stop from Charles Leclec: It is not enough for the middlegassen, which falls back to Fresh Intermediates for the time being behind Hamilton. With twelve seconds, however, he is likely to overtake the Briton as soon as Hamilton drives into the box. Thus he drives long-term probably on the podium.

Overhaul maneuvers of Valtteri Bottas: On the start-finish line, Bottas overtakes the Ferrari and grabs his first place again. Leclerc will drive straight to the box and try to finish the race as a third party.

Sainz on P8: The Spaniard confirms a strong race and lies after the overtaking maneuver against Ocon in the eighth place.

Directly behind Leclerc: Bottas chases Leclerc and Krazt on the one-second brand. Meanwhile, Leclerc asks where he would land when he retains this pace. The team responds with a lot of humor and tells him if he holds Bottas behind him, he becomes first.

Boxing radio Max stapping: Trapped logs that his steering wheel moves more and more to the left and it must work accordingly.

Slicks for Hamilton? The leader of the driver s state reports the box that he can later drive with slicks. Vettel will contradict the possibly vehement, but Hamilton seems convinced.

Only 18.: The experiment with the medium is completely failed for Vettel, which is why he is only in the 18th place. A guilt meets all involved, because Vettel had expressly pronounced for the slicks.

Hamilton rejects team: From the alley Mercedes wants to bring the world champion from the route, which first hook, why he should box and then contradicts. The mechanics run back into the garage until they are needed.

Boxfunk Charles Leclerc: Leclerc asks the team if he can drive with these tires to the end of the race and the colleagues answers surprisingly with a clear yes. Once the Monegash already has to stop to change the pneus.

Waiting for Hamilton: Bottas, stages and Pérez are getting their rounds and watching curious Hamilton, who has not yet bodied. Instead, the Briton goes directly behind the Dutch faster lap times.

LECLERC at the top: Except for Leclerc and Hamilton are all driven from the top 5 into the box. So the Ferrari introduces the driver s field, but suddenly leaves the track. Although he still has his lead, it is likely to fall back after his stop around some places.

No grip for Vettel!: Since the team has woned! Vettel slips over the track and can only try to stay on the asphalt. With a significantly reduced pace, he is likely to drive in the box again.

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey now in the Liveticker – Vettel wire!

Vettel on Slicks: Sebastian Vettel gets the first and probably the only driver raised the yellow rubbers and now wants to give gas with some risk.

Boxing stop of max stapping: The scramble between Hamilton and Pérez uses Red Bull for tire change. He comes back to the track in front of the two crites.

Boxing Radio Sergio Pérez: The Mexicans immediately sparks that he was pushed out the receipt of the pit lane at the overhaul attempt by Hamilton, which he wants to avoid a possible penalty. His team gives him right.

Great duel for fourth place !: Hamilton and Pérez ride tires on tires, so that Pérez has to drive over the line of the pit lane. The Mexican remains it, but even after Hamilton seems already pulled by and gets his position back. Trapped will be happy!

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey now in the LiveTicker – Hamilton wants to place 4, Perez holds against it

Hard but fair: Pérez fights forces against the big competitors in the silver arrow and struggles with all agents. He stays fairly fair, so Hamilton must be patient.

Projection for Bottas: At the top, Bottas has dropped clammily from stages and leads the driver field with 4.6 seconds. Further back, the projection of Pérez on Hamilton is melted on a few tenths.

Boxing stop from Fernando Alonso: The Spaniard sits his five-second punishment and then turn up new intermediates. Alpine does not dare to slicks at the Routinian.

Neither dry nor wet: A look at the weather radar shows that really only scaled drops fall down, which can cause problems in some curves, while other stretching sections remain dry. Of course, that makes it extremely difficult to determine a tire strategy.

Mazepin blocks Hamilton: When Hamilton uses for overcouragement, Nikita Mazepin acts a bit too insistent and simply moves inward in the curve. Hamilton must slow down and hopes for a punishment for the Russians.

nibbles on Vettel: For several rounds Ocon works on Vettel, which he just can not overtake. For a moment he has the tip on the front, but then must return the better posted heppsheimer.

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey now in the Liveticker – Vettel and Ocon duel for place 10

Mercedes awaits little change: In exchange with Bottas, the team explains that they expect a significant rain and thus speculate a little bit on the slicks. In any case, the Finn should stay outside for a Longrun.

Boxing radio Carlos Sainz: Sainz wants to stay on the track and go a strategy with just a pit stop. This approach seems generally popular in today s driver field. The Spaniard merely comes the confirmation.

Intermediate rain: The drivers report stronger rain on the track. First, five is reported in curve five from the increased water content on the asphalt.

First overruns: For a moment, the pot drivers comprise something together as they hit the two Haas pilots. Ultimately, the distances between bottas, stages and Leclerc are hardly different.

New Best Round Of Charles Leclec: Charles Leclerc underlines that the rainy weather is lying and builds the round best by four tenths. The residue on stages is quite exactly two seconds. The lead on Pérez, on the other hand, is already less than nine seconds.

Tsunoda turns: Without foreign action Yuki Tsunoda turns nine in curve, where there is still a little more water stored. So, among other things, Sebastian Vettel can pass by the Japanese before he catches himself. So Vettel stands again in the points.

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey now in Liveticker – Tsunoda turns and makes room for Vettel

Boxing stop of Daniel Ricciardo: The first pit stop of this race comes from McLaren, the Ricciardo after a short consultation from the route. The Australian is now a bit far as a trial canbst for the rest of the field.

Hunting for Pérez: In about four rounds, Hamilton is expected to be Pérez in stroke distance. The Mexican is the important role to continue to stop the world champion.

LECLERC holds with: While most eyes focus on bottas, stages, Pérez and Hamilton, LECLERC will be in front of the third place on the third place and does not have any flocks at the times. Only 2.6 seconds is he behind stages.

McLaren problems: From the traditional racing stable, Circuit is little to see on the Istanbul Park. Ricciardo still occupies only P16, while Norris is only seventh. The British obviously does not come as well with the rain.

New Best Round by Valtteri Bottas: The Finn answers stages and also gives gas. With a view to the first tire changes, no team would like to make any mistakes and keep the distances as large as possible.

Cross through the driver field: In addition to Hamilton, Carlos Sainz also snaps a competitor after another. Meanwhile, the Spaniard also passed by Tsunoda.

Lewis Hamilton's Phenomenal Fightback | 2018 British Grand Prix
Duel at the end: At the bottom of the driver s field, Mick Schumacher and Nikita maepin duel once again. The Russian holds a lead from a second to Schumacher.

Overhaul maneuvers of Lewis Hamilton: After several fastest race rounds, Hamilton has put in place in front of Gasly and picks up clean the slippers on the straight on the Alphatauri. Since Gasly has no chance.

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey now in the Liveticker – Hamilton catching hunting: from 11 to 5

Touch between Sainz and Vettel!: On the long straight line, Sainz wants to pass in and then loses control on the curbs for a moment. When he starts again, he touches Vettel easily, so the German aspect of the gas goes. For both, it can continue without damage, but Sainz wins the duel.

SAINZ behind Vettel: The Ferrari pilot is only half a second behind Vettel and screwed on the overtaking maneuver. Until here, Vettel succeeds successfully, but it seems only a matter of time.

Faster lap times: Gradually, lap times fall, as the route is increasingly drying and of course the intermediates achieve its highest performance. The drizzle remains, however.

Further unchanged at the front: The distances are slightly bigger, otherwise the pilots do not give rise to the front. Bottas leads to stages with 2.6 seconds, which turns about two seconds in front of Charles Leclerc.

New Best Round by Lewis Hamilton: Hamilton has great pleasure for catching up. He also caught Norris and drives on P6 the fastest race round to this to shorten the six seconds behind Gasly.

Five seconds for Fernando Alonso: The Spaniard is also punished because he has turned Schumacher. There are also five seconds for him.

Lewis Hamilton packs Stroll: Only one round takes Hamilton in the duel with Lance Stroll. Against the Canadians show clear advantages in the car, so that Hamilton can effortlessly overtake.

Penalty for Pierre Gasly: ​​ Five seconds Gasly has to replace the next pit stop after touching Alonso in the first round. This appears to be a hard decision, given the criminal crowd in the first curve.

Overhaul maneuvers of Lewis Hamilton: After several rounds Hamilton has haunted at Tsunoda and overtakes him outside. Tsunoda remains fair, does not tear out and lets pass the British.

Cut between P4 and P6: Behind Pérez, Gasly can not keep up and loses four seconds on the Red Bull. But behind Gasly, a gap was also created, with which Norris loses about six seconds on gasly.

Controlled distance: At the front, the leading bottas keeps track of the leading bottas by moving at a distance of more than 1.8 seconds behind the silver arrow. In midfield, Hamilton does not pass to Yuki Tsunoda.

Sainz and Ricciardo from behind: Carlos Sainz strives to catch up with the foremen after starting on P15. So far, he could only overtake Alonso and Schumacher. Ricciardo does not make it better and so far also benefits from the spreaders.

Alonso hit Schumacher: On Fernando Alonso probably awaits a punishment, as he had met shoe makers on the right rear tire and provoked the spinner of the German significantly. However, Gasly stands under observation, which has filmed Alonso in the first curve.

Vettel still top 10: The Heppenheimer claimed his tenth place to Ocon. Although he had to let Hamilton pull, but he was allowed to overtake the twisted Alonso.

LECLERC claims third: The Monegasse in Ferrari has defended his third place until there, now observes Pérez with two seconds lead in his rearview mirror. The Red Bull had overtaken the start Gasly.

New Best Round by Valtteri Bottas: Front bottas dissolves somewhat from stages and performs the group with about 1.5 seconds. Trapping has already endeavored to cool the tires on the wet stretch parts to extend the life of the pneus.

Mick Schumacher falls back: After a good start, Schumacher leaves the track in curve 4 and have to fall back. Behind his teammate he arrives in 19th place.

Next Rotator: In the rear driver field, Latifi is also turning back to the field.

Hamilton in the top 10: Thanks to the rotator of Alonso, Hamilton makes a position well directly and brings down to P9 shortly thereafter. Alonso arranges on the 17th place.

Start Race: The traffic lights are on green, the start of the race in Istanbul is done. Bottas keeps the lead in front of Max stages and Charles Leclerc. Alonso turns directly in the first curve, but it starts strong to continue in the back in the field.

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey now in the Liveticker – Rotator of Alonso

Formula 1: race at the GP of Turkey today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: No DRS: In view of the humid conditions, no DRS is released, accordingly, the drivers must rely on mistakes of competition and wind shadows.

Before starting: Boxing radio from Pierre Gasly: ​​Alphatauri expects this niesal weather for the entire race. Behind the bolides arises the known spray cloud.

Before starting: Introductory Round: The pilots roll over the asphalt, warm their tires and will position themselves on their starting places. All teams rely on intermediates, but they no long shelf life. It does not take long, then the wild ride starts!

Before starting: Working front left: At the Boliding Valtteri Bottas, the brakes still worked on the front left. Toto Wolff knows nothing of nothing, according to the Finn should start as expected from the pole.

Before starting: Rain showers in Istanbul: Light rain showers are stretched over the Turkish metropolis and leave wet sites on the track. As yesterday s 3rd training, the drivers will try to dry the route for drizzle as fast as possible. However, the grip is considered very high.

Before starting: Two points difference: Before the race on the InterCity Istanbul Park, Hamilton separated and stipen only two points in the driver s ranking. Today, however, the advantage is the Dutch, which starts nine places in front of Hamilton and hope for Sergio Pérez as a buffer. On the other hand, stages wants to pass by within 58 laps on the second silver arrow. For this, the 5.338-kilometer range offers a way on the start-target straight and a second DRS window after curve 10.

Before starting: Germans in Q2: Both stroll and Vettel had problems in qualifying, but ultimately drove into the top 10, although Vettel had already failed in the Q2. For the great positive surprise, however, Mick Schumacher, who left the name like Ricciardo in the Q1 and left behind and under the top 15 drove. Since Carlos Sainz was no longer on the track in the Q2, the young Haas even starts from P14.

Before starting: The top ten: With each session, Red Bull approached, but by stages and Sergio Pérez but only the seats two and six approached. Between the two, the strong Charles Leclerc, a constant Pierre Gasly and a good Fernando Alonso. Behind Checo Lando Norris, Lance Stroll and Yuki Tsunoda drove the fastest round. The top 10 is completed by Sebastian Vettel.

Before starting: Hamilton front, but behind? Two trainings and qualifying led Lewis Hamilton this weekend. He set out the 3rd training due to the rain, otherwise the series world champion and leading the drivers of drivers dominated. Due to a punishment, however, Hamilton only starts on the 11th place and must clean up the field from behind. For this, his teammate Valtteri Bottas starts from the pole position and tries to keep Max stages behind P2 behind.

Before starting: Despite his victory in qualifying, Hamilton starts in place 11 instead of the pole. For him it could therefore be difficult to hold his lead of only two points in the driver s ranking over Max, the behind Valtteri Bottas The second starting seat jumps.

Before starting: Sebastian Vettel only reached the eleventh place in the second qualifying and thus argued in front of the final round of qualifying. The Aston Martin pilot was then frustrated: There is no real performance curve, we are just as fast or slow as before the summer break. But: Vettel will start at a tenth place because Lewis Hamilton hikes to rear for a regular engine change ten places.

Before starting: Welcome to the Liveticker for the race at the GP of Turkey! At 14 o clock it starts.

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey today live – startup

Starting place | Driver | Racingstall
— | — |-
1 | Bottas | Mercedes
2 | Stipen | Red Bull
3 | Leclerc | Ferrari
4 | Gasly | Alphatauri
5 | Alonso | Alpine F1 team
6 | Perez | Red Bull
7 | Norris | McLaren
8 | Stroll | Aston Martin
9 | Tsunoda | Alphatauri
10 | Vettel | Aston Martin
11 | Hamilton | Mercedes
12 | Ocon | Alpine F1 team
13 | Russell | Williams
14 | Schumacher | Haas F1
15 | Ricciardo | McLaren
16 | Latifi | Williams
17 | Giovinazzi | Alfa Romeo
18 | Raikkonen | Alfa Romeo
19 | Maepin | Haas F1
20 | Sainz | Ferrari

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Turkey today on TV and Livestream

The race at the GP of Turkey is not visible today in free TV.

As already the entire race weekend is today sky your contact point for the transfer of today s race. Today you can see sky sport uhd from 12.30 clock live images, starting with the preparations. At 13.55 clock it goes to the race in Istanbul.

Sky subscribers can also receive any transfers with the Sky Ticket or the Sky Go App as Livestream.

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Formula 1 – World Cup: Total stand in the driver s ranking

With a victory in Sochi, Lewis Hamilton has recaptured the first place of Max – with a breathable leadership of two points.

Pos. | Driver | Pkt.
— | — |-
1. | Lewis Hamilton | 246,5
2. | Max stipen | 244,5
3rd | Valtteri Bottas | 151
4. | Lando Norris | 139
5. | Sergio Perez | 120
6. | Carlos Sainz | 112.5
7. | Charles Leclec | 104
8. | Daniel Ricciardo | 95
9. | Pierre Gasly | 66
10. | Fernando Alonso | 58