Book of Travels took off as part of Early Access, but not everyone had a chance to play. Our Xaorus, for example, despite receiving access to the game, could not log in. Servers exploded! Interest in this game, referred to as Tiny Multiplayer online was huge, but the creators admit that the wine lies on their side.

Might and Delight apologizes for the Difficulties of Book of Travels and promises to make every effort to make the game available to the community. Currently, no one should have problems with logging in, but possibly servers fall. What, moreover, is the main reason for criticizing this project on Steam, where he currently has mixed reviews.

However, I read in these opinions and mostly concern the impossibility of logging in to the game or mistakes. The latter is supposedly a lot, but remember that we are talking about Early Access. Of course, it is no explanation, but it is worth taking this into account. Book of Travels currently has a long list of problems through which you may turn out that your skills will disappear or wait for you to wait for a boat over 20 minutes.

On the other hand, this small, niche production is simultaneously praised for an extremely specific gameplay. In fact, the creator managed to achieve the effect of lack of hurry , where Sprint is harmful to our character, so it is not worth hurrying. Instead, you can enjoy the landscape, interact with the surroundings and in general role-play . Book of Travels is a journey full of puzzles and secrets that are worth discovering.

However, the judgments of Book of Travels mark, however, that this is a very unique production and definitely not for everyone. And especially not for people who are looking for standard Early Access experience. The controversy arouses a permanent death system under which our figure has three lives. You can regenerate them if you know where and how, nevertheless the loss of these hearts is the end of our adventure. Not everyone must give up.

Book of Travels can be found on the steam. Access to the game is payable – without promotions is less than PLN 108.