Dying Light 2 adds a robust and profound fraction system to the Open World Survival Action game. These three factions known as Peacekeepers, Renegades and Survivors play all a role in the city of Villedor and can increase in size depending on their actions and decisions in the course of the game or burdened resources.

This is one of the most important gameplay innovations of Dying Light 2 and the political groups are one of the features that make the game more alive, so Techland. Since the announcement of the game, we have learned a lot about all three of these groups.

But what are the motives and views of these three factions in Dying Light 2? How will your role in Villedor affect your skills and people in the city? Continue reading to find out the Dying Light 2 Faction System in detail.

Dying Light 2 fraction system explains

Dying Light 2 Factage System allows you to connect to one of the three groups of different degrees. Your decisions in missions that you want to help more and whom you provide valuable information or resources, determine which faction you gain favor.

As soon as these decisions are made, the factions are installed in the different districts of Villedor to increase their range and to better keep the area and community. This can have both negative and positive effects, such as the provision of rope slides to move away, fall into the streets of the city or to impose a rule-based regime in certain districts.

Larger consequences are also felt, such as dying of characters, although Techland has not listed any concrete examples prior to publication.

Peace Monitoring

The peacekeepers are a strict, military faction within Villedor and proud to be able to ensure law and order in the areas where they have control.

Because of their power and power, they are often feared by people in the city and sometimes have hard rule methods.


The Renegades are parasitals and former prisoners broke out after the Apocalypse. They follow a lead character called The Colonel.

They carry metal plates, fences and armor and swing sound while they plunder and devastate on the streets of the city.


The survivors consist of normal citizens who use the environment around them to stay alive.

They are the most peaceful and friendliest of the three groups, but they have less power and weapons than the other factions in Dying Light 2.

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This explains the Dying Light 2 Factage System. Stay tuned for more details on the game when we approach the publication in February.