On the occasion of the upcoming 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III coming week, all who log in to GTA online this week, the Rockstar Games font t-shirt for free – as a taste of more clothing and designs dedicated to the occasion.

There are also triple rewards in Sumo this week as well as double bonuses for special vehicle orders, Gerald s Last Play contact missions.

The contents of the week:

Free T-Shirt Rockstar Games Scripture in GTAIII-DESIG N for all who play until the 20th of October GTA online
Triple GTA $ & RP in sumo
Double GTA $ & RP in gerald s Last Play , kontaktmissionen by Gerald and for Spezialvorzeuglags
50% more GTA $ for tail challenges
Pricing vehicle in the Car Meet : Who comes under the top 3 in six different ls-car-Meet racing series , wins the Vapid Dominator ASP
Test vehicles in the Car Meet : The Karin Sultan RS Classic , the Unmacht Cypher and the annis ZR350
The main prize of the week on the lucky wheel : Dewbauchee Specter
50% discount on hydraulics and 40% on all ARGAGEN
Vehicle rabs : 40% on the Vapid clique and the Lampadati Casco , 30% on the VAPID slamTruck , the Jobuilt Hauler Custom , the yosemite Rancher , the DECLASS MOONBEAM , the Albany Primo and associated upgrades at benny s

Prime Gaming Bonuses: All, which connect your social club account with Prime Gaming, get a bonus of 100,000 GTA $ for playing throughout this week
Prime Gaming Discounts: 35% on the dinka RT3000 and 65% on the lampadati Casco until the 20th of October

All the details of the contents of the week can be found on the Rockstar Newswire.