Sometimes the result of the collision of two kinds can be dull or just correct. The Riftbreaker is an example of a case where you get something special enough by mixing genres. Instead of passing survival hats to RTS with double-sleeved shooters, you wear a strange hat that has the three, but manages to be quite elegant.

In The Riftbreaker, you are responsible for establishing a base for your native world in a brand new hostile and extraterrestrial world. You will need to reap resources, build structures and defenses, while pushing the waves of enemy creatures.

Although the game is not very difficult, it is difficult to juggle with the different priorities to defend yourself and defend your base, and decide what you need to build next. Even if you are overwhelmed by enemies, your game does not end simply because you die. You have a reappearance point (which can be destroyed) where you come back, however, lack certain items. As long as you have your reappearance, the mission continues.

If you find the time to really enjoy your environment, a) Return to work!, And b) You will notice that the world around you is really beautiful. Even if the fixed camera angle can limit what you can actually see, lighting, bright color palette and textures really bring out the environment.

Although the different flavors of the gameplay are clearly identifiable from their respective genres, the mixture created by The Riftbreaker is very fresh and new. That being said, it s not because you like one of these kinds that The Riftbreaker is guaranteed to be your cup of tea.

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