G2 ESPORTS Surprised to sign the Exjugers of XSET. The Samurai Organization confirmed the rumors of the signing through a publication on its website, accompanied by a presentation video. This will be your first team of women in the Valorant Division.

The statement welcomes them to the best talents in Europe as Valorant. With the new quintet of players, it was expected to have many victories for celebrating in the upcoming competitions, by competing elbow by elbow together with our already team of Valorant.

Under the name of G2 Gozen , the goal is Promote that men and women compete together in mixed leagues . For this, the organization of Carlos Ocelote Rodríguez aims to sign the best talents in the industry, to compete at the maximum possible level. All this regardless of gender identity .

Valorant already has a program that was created with the idea of ​​promoting the competitive area of ​​women and other marginalized genres. Known as Game Changers, he started in North America and is reaching other regions. Unfortunately, it is not alien of criticism since the first version of the European rules excluded transgender and non-binary women.

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G2 ESPORTS Aim that G2 Gozen is in an environment where it competes against the rest of the European organizations. In this regard, Rodríguez argues: For me they are not a female team, are our valorant division . In G2, we put together equipment and schedule players based on their skills and adaptation to the brand. They occupy places between the best players in the world and we are proud to have them. We will support them as much as possible, as we do with all our teams. Stay at a slope to see them grow and kick rear as part of the G2 Navy.

According to a Dexerto Previous Report, G2 Gozen will debut at the European Game Changers. Its quintet is made up of the following players:

Julia Juliano Kiran
Zainab Zaaz Turkie
Petra Petra Stoker
Anja Annja Vasalic
Michaela Mimi Lintrup