Netmarble played a simulated investment game that can learn about real investment products such as Hana Bank and KOSPI.

The name of the game is Marvel of Investment and can be played in the second country and one of the Netmarble representation in the second country and one bank mobile app.

The method is similar to that of all. Move the horse as a number that rolled down the dice, and determines whether to invest in various investment products on the arrival of the arrival and determine the amount. Investment revenue is based on data for two years of investment products.

There are 11 investment products, OX financial quizzes, random cards, financial crises, and one-round questions such as KOSPI, S & P 500 Index (the stock index that announced by the International Credit Assessment Agency Standard & Fuori), and global bonds.

Netmarble Lee Seung-won, Marvel of the investment in both companies is to be able to connect and experience information easily and fun through friendly game methods, he said.