Under the name House of Ashes the next offshoot of the The Dark Pictures mentioned Horror series appears from SuperMassive Games.


Editors and selected players already received their copy a little earlier and accordingly had the opportunity to conclude House of Ashes . Just as it was already the case with the various predecessors, House of Ashes also delivers a short teaser to the next The Dark Pictures chapter after successful playing through. This is already speculated as in summer, the name The Devil in Me wear.

The story of a cold-blooded series killer?

As the gloomy teaser suggests, the developers of SuperMassive Games could tell us in the next The Dark Pictures chapter, which by the way as a final of the first season, to tell the history of a cold-blooded series killer. So in the short teaser people can be seen, which are sometimes killed in a cruel manner. Also a rotting corpse is a part of the teaser.

on the topic : The Dark Pictures – The Devil in Me: Nearest offshoot together with logo?

Further details or the official announcement to The Devil in Me will probably follow only in the coming year. First of all, the current offshoot House of Ashes is the focus. Why this is well worth a closer look, we ll tell you in our Current Review .

House of Ashes is now available for the PC, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X / S.

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