Mass Effect 3 has one of the most controversial finals in the history of videogames. That said, the final controversial of the game almost did not exist. During a recent interview, the former BioWare animation director, Dave Wilkinson, revealed that the end of the game was not the original end of the game. It was similar, but not the same, and presented a character to Wilkinson refer to as Queen Reaper.

At that point, Shepard was so increased with electronic bits and all the rest of this shit, Wilkinson said as she explained that Shepard would have connected to the citadel. Within a virtual world, he has a conversation with what was described as a god of the reapers. Do I think she was a queen? And he had this conversation with the queen, and the queen basically said, The way in which the vigers continue, this is not sustainable, blah, blah, blah, blah, we have to evolve, but we are unable to evolve due to evolution The limitations of our IA and things like that.

Wilkinson continued to point out that the motivation of Queen Reaper led her to be imprisoned by other reapers who feared her ideas would contaminate the rest of the species of IA and frustrate the design of her mission.

Then, the conversation was really as if she said: This is the opportunity for everything to evolve, we can make everything, said Wilkinson.

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According to Wilkinson, players would continue to present three options. The Paragon option led more or less that Shepard became the King of the Vergers and conducing them at a better purpose in the Galaxy. The Renegade option presented Shepard without working with the Reapers or Reaper Queen, which led Shepard to leave the citadel, causing a massive explosion that would destroy both earth and reapers, but would allow organic life to continue without interference . Or influence of reapers. And then it would be the Synthesis option, who would see Shepard and Reaper Queenus merge to become a mixture of organic and synthetic life, which would trigger a spatial magic that would lead to the synthesis of organic and synthetic life.

There was a final in which there was a mother and a daughter, and I had them sitting on a hill, and I filmed with us drift among the stars and the stars became blurry, Wilkinson said. Then we would be drifting, and we would follow them and we would hear this woman explain to her daughter how we got to this place, and we reach them and are like Asaris but they are asaris that are a bit a little different, and it is only telling the story of How shepard did everything better and saved everyone from the reopens .

It is not clear why this end, or rather these finals, were eliminated by what was sent with the game, but judging by the reaction of many Mass Effect fanatics, EA and BioWare made the wrong decision.

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