The Streaming Subscription Service of HBO MAX is becoming a perfect place for those who are lovers of the genre of science fiction with the recent premiere of Dune after your Step through the cinemas, but there is another interesting release that will soon land on the platform.

The first season of raised by wolves , the science fiction series produced by ridley scott , arrived at tnt in September 2020, second season of Raised by Wolves will come to HBO Max at the beginning of 2022 .

The announcement has been known thanks to a brief teaser in which we are reminded of some of the most important events of the first season and anticipate us that we can soon enjoy the continuation of this story.

We leave you with the teaser of raised by wolves season 2 :

HBO MAX Revealed raisedByWolves Season 2 is Coming in Early 2022 in a Preview They re Showing Before Dune on the Streamer. Smart Move Showing This Preview Before Dune Since Some of The Audience Would Love The Series. Can not Wait for Season 2.

  • Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) October 22, 2021

During the first season of the series of Aaron Guzikowski we accompany Kepler-22B, a desert planet and full of threats, the Android Father and the Mother Ginooid, which landed there to fulfill a seemingly simple task: take care of a group of human children.

Father and Mother They tried to give them the best education they could within their possibilities, while their camp was threatened by other human colonies that had religious differences with them.

The end of the season was opened, and the second season of Raised by Wolves will take us again along with mother ( Amanda Collin ), Father ( Abubakar Salim ) and her human sons.

The family will join an atea colony on this occasion settled in a tropical area of ​​the planet Kepler-22b , but the problems will arise again and to conflict this society when one of their children threaten to finish with all trace of the human race.

For the new season of raised by Wolves you will join the distribution: Peter Christoffersen , James Harkness , Selina Jones , Morgan Santo , Kim Engelbrecht , and Jennifer Saayeng .