Whether you are a player, a music enthusiast, a spectator of movies or that you use the helmet professionally, the H6Pro Epos can be exactly what you are looking for. The EPOS headset range has made a considerable name in the field of audio promising to provide its customers with crystalline sound quality at a fairly high price. Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to test the helmet Epos H3 Hybrid which got a fantastic criticism, so how will the H6PRO compare to its predecessor?

When I received the box for the first time, I was surprised at the sensation of lightness and even more surprised when I held the helmet in my hands. I am currently using the Corsair Void Pro which has been simply incredible, especially for long play sessions. These headphones are light enough, but the H6Pro manages to be even lighter, weighing only 10.9 ounces. But with headphones, you will also receive a plate to replace the micro perch if necessary, a 3.5 mm audio jack for use for consoles and others and a second cord with separate connections for the microphone and headphones. Because the H6Pro is an analog helmet, simply plug it and it s good, without additional driver to download and without software to install.

I was impressed by the elegant and somewhat simplistic design and I was happy to see that it was not as cumbersome as some that are on the market. For this review, we received the H6Pro acoustic Open in Black Sebring. The atria is of a beautiful navy blue color while the rest of the helmet is pure black. For a set of high-end cans, you may be surprised that the majority of headphones are composed of hard plastic. However, the construction itself still seems strong enough and lasting. The headband itself is covered with a beautiful mesh that really helps to make them incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods. The material that covers the atria is different depending on the model you choose, open or acoustic. The acoustic version is made of a mesh that has small perforated holes to allow the sound to escape while remaining attentive to your environment while the closed acoustic variant is made of a material similar to leather that impristed the sound much more efficiently.

The atria are large enough to adapt to all your ear. However, if you have bigger ears or piercings like me, I found that the bullets included hurt me on the back of the ears. Fortunately, the pain is minimal and once I get used to the helmet, I no longer hurt the ears. I can not speak for the closed acoustic version, but the mesh used on the headsets and along the headband was so comfortable that I really did not feel like it. If the cord did not remember that I was always plugged in, I would probably have remote from my PC thinking that I did not wear earphones at all.

So let s talk about the most important part of a high-end helmet: the sound. The clarity of the helmet is really very good. You can hear the rich details in the grave, mediums and treble that sound perfectly balanced. Although the sound is not so acute as some helmets, you can always clearly hear the trapping steps, a pistol recharging to shoot and what direction they come.

However, the open back model has some disadvantages and I do not know how much it will apply to the closed acoustic version. You can still capture the background noise. Whether the cars pass through my window to someone who bricolles quietly in the kitchen, to my neighbor in the hallway that shouts something inconsistent, I simply do not feel the escape you expect of a high-end helmet. Not to mention that at its highest adjustment on both headphones and on my PC / PS4, it does not become very strong. And if you use the audio wheel to completely lower the sound, it does not completely cut everything you listen to, so if you want to completely cut the sound, you will need to do it manually on the platform you use the headset with.

I was really intrigued by the micro pole, not for the quality in itself, but by the fact that if you do not plan to use it, you can remove the microphone. In the empty location, you can then put a small magnetic lid on to hide the absent pole. I thought it was really nice and I never saw anything like this before. Now, for the real quality of the microphone, it s not bad! The quality is clear but it picks up a little too much. My Local DND group complained that they could always hear the typing of my keys, cars outside my cats meow in the next room while they had no problem while I was using Microphones on my Corsair Void Pro or even on my Raycon E25.

The H6Pro Epos is a decent helmet and is absolutely designed for long play sessions with comfort. Unfortunately, at a cost of $ 259.00 CAD, there are a ton of other headphones in the same range of prices that are wireless and offer better options with sound settings. If you are looking for a wireless set, I recommend that you check the exam that we did for the H3 Hybrid by EPOS (click here for the review of Alex), but if you do not mind using a connection Wired without the need to download drivers and other software, comfort and audio quality are worth it.