Less than 100,000 team\.blogspot.com/2021/09/fifa-22-ultimate-team-how-to-get-future.html” title=”coins” rel=”nofollow”>coins to get a competitive team It is not easy, but it is possible at FIFA 22. And for that we are. We have prepared for you a team at 4-4-2, the basic pattern of soccer that will allow you to have fun in the field and get victories thanks to a team with a very limited budget, but it will do havoc in division rivals or fut champions

In addition, the team is not made with any players, as there are football players such as Erling Haaland or Upamecano. All to have a competitive eleven with the lowest possible expense and that thus grows with your Ultimate Team team.

List of players and prices

Davies – 29,750 coins

Upsecano – 4500 coins
Coman – 14,500 coins
Can – 2,100 coins
Lacroix – 5,900 coins
MBABU – 1,600 coins
Sané – 2500 coins
Haaland – 13,250 coins
Trapp – 900 coins
Belligham IF – 12,000 coins
Embolo IF – 10,750 coins

Total price of the team: Approximately 97,000 credits.

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