A massively multiplayer online role-playing game, (in English, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, MMORPG, sometimes JDRMM in French) is a kind of video games associating the role play and massively multiplayer online game, allowing a Many people to interact simultaneously in a virtual world. This type of game, by the persistence of the environment and the implication it asks, creates social relations between particularly strong players, with the appearance of unpublished phenomena, such as the virtual communities of players and the risks of playful dependence.
The player is represented by an avatar, a character he creates and advances in a virtual world of fantastic inspiration, science fiction or superheroes, rich in adventures. In doing so, it interacts with the environment controlled by the program and with the other players.

MMORPGs are a source of important profits. In 2006, the global massively multiplayer online game market, represented more than 13 million paying subscriptions and a turnover of $ 2.5 billion.

In the PlayStation Store you can just get the annual subscription by PS Now for half price, so for 29.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros. However, the offer applies only to those who have no active subscription. So you can not extend half a price for a year. In addition, you should note that the subscription is automatically extended to full price after expiry of the year for another year, unless you terminate in time. The deal only runs until Sunday. Here you will find him:

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What does PlayStation Now?

Instant access to over 600 games: PS Now is a subscription service for PS4 and PS5, which provides immediate access to over 600 games. A large part of these are PS4 games, including exclusive titles such as The Last of US 2, God of War or Detroit: Become Human. Most of the games are permanently part of the library of PS Now, but a few of the larger titles change. For example, the LAST OF US 2 is only included until January 3. The list of all games can be found here:

PS Now: all games at a glance

Streaming & Download: Originally PS Now was a pure streaming service. In the meantime, however, you can download all PS4 and PS5 games and then play without offline. PS now only needs an internet connection every few days to check if your license is still valid. However, PS3 and PS2 games can still only be played by stream.

Online Multiplayer: You can also play the games contained in PlayStation Now in online multiplayer, even if you have no PS plus. For the online multiplayer of other, not contained in PS now, you still need a PS-Plus subscription.

PS Store: 12 months ps now 50% reduced (only without active subscription)

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