In the fight for the rise round, TuS Koblenz has found stability still missing at the beginning of the season. On Wednesday against TSV Emmelshausen, the Dzaka elevition remained unconcerted, the sixth time in a row. Unrestricted content was not in Oberwerth. At the 1: 1 it had mainly judges on the foot to secure two more points for the Koblenzer. Before the goal by Arburstu (69.), the midfielder had three large opportunities left, after the compensation by an Abstaubertor of foot (82nd), judges still had the grand chance in the study time, because there was a penalty. In the direct duel, however, the already a few times well-reacted TSV goalkeeper Christ won the winner. The Tus still stands two points above the stroke, Emmelshausen, however, has eight points behind and already needs a bear-strong remaining qualifying round to escape the course in the relegation round.

Such doubts does not have Eintracht Trier in the least. For the Moselstädter it s only and alone is still about working out the best possible starting position for the rise round (the exact mode can be found in the picture gallery listed below). In the top game at FC Blue White Carbach, the SVE initially had luck that once the post rescued and Mecoma passed a little bit of breath. After another Mekoma Grand Chance, Trier came to tours in the second half, but without taking the last precision. When a lot indicated on a goatless draw, the emotions cooked in the detention time. Peters after gross foul and pain after the subsequent packing saw red, Karbach now had two men less on the square, also co-trainer Ohesorge got the red cardboard. When the minds were reasonably cooled up again, King banged the free kick from the Groben Foul in the penalty area, where Van Schaik in the sixth minute of the screening time to the winner.

While in the two draws between the Eisbachtal sports farms and the 1st FC Kaiserslautern II (0: 0) and between the FC Energer 07 and the SG Mülheim-Kärlich (1: 1) more or less the status quo was underpinned, the SV Alemannia Waldalgesheim with the 2-1 victory at Ulticht FSV Salmrohr a larger buffer on the zone from seventh place.