The setback of the barrel planning follows the blam in the province: The THW Kiel lost on Saturday at promoted Tus N-Lübbecke completely surprisingly lost with 29:25 (9:13) and thus digest the next bad news.

THW Kiel vs Kodik

Only day before was confirmed that key players Sander Sagosen will leave the German handball record champion.

The defeat in Lübbecke was now the fourth league game in series without victory, Kiel (12 points) threatens to lose the connection to the Lace Duo SC Magdeburg (16) and Füchse Berlin (15). Both are still in use on Sunday. Lübbecke brought the third season at all and removed a little bit of the relegation places.

The defeat has a lot of reasons, said THW Managing Director Viktor Szilagyi at SKY : That is inexcusable. Without wanting to reduce the performance of Lübbecke, this is a blaming for us. We do not have to accuse us of the first Minute all brought everything in the place. Being serious is sometimes more important than quality. And when we have fought, it was already too late.

At the tradition club from Ostwestfalen, the THW was difficult from the beginning, after 13 minutes was a two-goal lead for Lübbecke (7: 5) for the first time. Kiel s coach Filip Jicha took a break, warned his team to the bite gait ( They want to play hard! ) And put the defense about – but the problem was ahead. Because the favorite desperate at the outstanding Tus-goalkeeper Aljosa Rezar, Lübbecke moved to six goals (11: 5).

In 1534 spectators, the outsider also held in half two the remarkable lead, Tom Skrobs (9 goals), Lutz Heiny and Peter Strozack (both 6) wore the team as best throwers.

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Kiel s back room star Sagosen came in the first game after his farewell announcement on seven hits. It has been clear since Friday: the Norwegian, in order to build the Kiel so happy to build his future team, will not extend his 2023 expiring contract and probably switch to his homeland to Kolstad handball. The idea in Trondheim could still take place on Sunday, when exactly Sagosen leaves the THW, is still unclear.