The Pokémon Company is giving a limited time a Charizard competitive for Pokémon sword and shield. More specifically, we can get totally free through mysterious gift the Charizard of Leonardo Ilbona ​​Bonanomi, Champion of the Official Championship Global Pokémon Exhibition 2021 that took place this October. We tell you how to get it and until when we can claim it on our copy of the Nintendo Switch game.

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You have all the details of the event charizard on our website: https: //

Remember that there is only until November 3 to be able to exchange it.

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How to get Charizard Global Pokémon Version Exhibition 2021?

The first thing we have to take into account is that this cGlobal Pokémont ends on November 3, 2021, this Wednesday. There is no time to lose. The cGlobal Pokémont is free, for all regions of Pokémon sword and shield; In addition, it is a unique code that we can only redeem once in each edition. We all obtain the same and it is not Shiny / Variocolor. Or we count step by step how to claim it.

  1. Opens your game (Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield) with Internet connection and head to Mysterious gift > Receive mysterious gift.
  2. Select Get with Code or PGlobal Pokémonsword.
  3. Enter the code: GL0BALCHAMP2021
  4. The Pokémon will join your team or to the Pokémon box if you do not have space.
  5. Keep the game.

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Characteristics of the Charizard Version Pokémon Global Exhibition 2021

This Charizard version Pokémon Global Exhibition 2021 is designed to play in competitive; Hence, he hGlobal Pokémon taught the Solar Power Skill (increGlobal Pokémones the special attack by 50%, although in return he loses an eighth of the maximum ps in each shift), VidGlobal Pokémonfera and maximum Dinamax level.

Level: 100
Movements: igneous wave, igneous ring, gale and protection
Skill: Solar power
Equipped object: VidGlobal Pokémonfera
Ribbons: Tournament champion tape

Pokémon sword and shield is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch in physical and digital format. In addition, two expansions that lengthen the experience in the Galar region are also available: the island of the armor and the nends of the crown.