Samsung Electronics is expected to release the new smartphone application processor (AP) AP-EXENOX supply type and flagship product. It is noteworthy that Samsung Electronics, which is sluggish in the smartphone AP market in the world, recently, was able to upload it back to the two-digit market share.

According to the industry, Samsung Electronics will launch a new Axinos 1280 aimed at the penalizer smartphone. Four days (local time) Famous IT Tipster Ice Universe is manufactured by Twitter, The ExNos 1280 is manufactured by a 5 nm (NM) process, and the specifications are lower than the previous product.

The EXIS 1080 is the first product of the 5th Nano Steering (EUV) process based on Samsung Electronics recently released. At that time, it is a product aimed at the smartphone market, such as B-Bi, Oppo, as it was released in Shanghai, China. New Xinxin 1280 is also observed to aim at the midwheliest of the midwife.

Year Samsung Electronics will launch 2200 Axinos 2200 aimed at the flagship smartphone at the end of the year. This AP is known as a subsequent product of the Exoos 2100 released this January. The Axonos 2200 will be installed on the Galaxy 22 series, which Samsung Electronics will launch in the first quarter of next year.

The EX NOS 2200 is attracting attention in that it is equipped with GPUs developed by AMD. The GPU is expected to be equipped with a custom RDNA2 architecture-based graphics IP. The CPU is an observation that consists of the Coretex-X2 core of ARM, one core Tex-A710 core, and four Coretex-A510 cores. It is expected to be produced by 4 nano processes.

Samsung Electronics is expected to significantly improve the industry s evaluation of Qualcomm s snapdragon s product compared to the product of Qualcomm s snapdragon, and the GPU performance is scarce. In addition, the Midiac Teces will regain the market share in the midsite smartphone market, and the aim of increasing the amount of Axonos of the Galaxy S series.

■ Samsung, the world s smartphone AP market share 7%… Rebound to strengthen performance

According to market research counters, according to Counter Phil Research, Samsung Electronics has been 14% in 2019 at the world s smartphone AP share, and has been in the third place for the first time in Apple. Then, Samsung Electronics has declined from the second quarter of last year, and it fell to 7% of the second quarter of this year.

This factor is because MediaTec benefits due to the sanctions of Huawei in the United States. MediaTech has been on the first in the first quarter of last year, and the share rate has exceeded 40% in the second quarter.

In addition, Samsung Electronics has been equipped with EXTENOS for its flagship smartphone domestic water, but it has also affected the increase in Qualcomm AP Tower recently in performance thermal. For example, in the case of Galaxy Note 20 series, the total amount is mounted as a Snapdragon AP due to the degradation of the exogenous performance. Galaxy S21 Domestic and Folder Ballphone Galaxy Z3 series also installed snapdragon.

Young Sohn, President & Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics
Meanwhile, even if the performance of Samsung s new Axinos has greatly improved, it is not easy to expand its share. Recently, Google and Oppo jumped into its own smartphone AP development. Google has already developed its own AP Tensor on the Last October, smartphone pixel 6 series. Oppo aims to launch a reader chip in 2023 or 2024.

In the industry, the lack of global chip supply continues, the smartphone manufacturer will be rational to develop reader chips and direct the production to the foundry vendor.