Diablo 3 Test players just the new patch 2.7.2 on the test servers (PTR). First testers now show how strong the new soul shards that can be installed in weapons and head armor. Through the stark bonuses that give the soul stones up to date, the endgame dungeons are a breeze, says the community.

What is the season topic of Season 25? Blizzard brings in Season 25 the soul stones to Diablo 3. The new patch 2.7.2, which brings these changes, is just tried on the test servers. Overall, there are seven soul stones, each of which can have three different versions and many stats.

You can equip a maximum of two soul stones at the same time: one in the head armor, one in a weapon. How strong the bonuses are, some testers became clear now. Players say: Speed runs in the highest levels of the endgame dungeons (Greater Rifts) are thus becoming the standard. Although they should be heavy.

[Diablo 3] How Do Soul Shards and Hellforge Embers Work | Season 25 Patch 2.7.2

All soul stones from Season 25 and their bonuses

You have to know: Everyone of the soul stones are available in different variants. There are stats that are also rolled out by random. So you do not receive a soul stone and then have them in his single execution, but you have to collect many of them to get a perfect one.

Each soul stone is upgradable three times. No bonuses are unlocked at level 0. On Level 1, all bonuses are unlocked, which would offer you immaculate royal gems (all gems at the same time). This is one of the soul stones on stage 1 in a weapon or a head already better than normal gems that you could peddle it.

Stage 2 and Level 3 then getting stronger bonuses are added. You can upgrade the stones with Hell forge Embers. This resource drops you in the game.

Reddit User Gamingryan has made the effort, and the bonuses of the stones. In the gallery we show you an insight on the soul stones (via reddit.com).

Much more OP as Ethereal

This is how the community responds: REDDIT discusses the new contents of Season 25 in Diablo 3. It is particularly noticeable that balancing does not yet match the ideas of the players. Some bonuses would be very powerful, while others are totally off.

They are very bad balanced. We will see how you change the numbers in the next updates, writes Patrick.
I am honestly looking forward to it. The random legendary powers on the Ethereal made me random affixes tasty. And I like it, that one loses something with each of the stones, but also get more power, explains reply or not
The Shit is even more OP than essential WTF. There may be massive changes before the live goes, but that s stupid. I believe, from now on is Gr 150 solo the norm, says Thereon Loveofmylife.
Added Pieces: With these values ​​4-player Speed runs of the 150 Rifts in 2 to 3 minutes the standard […]

Users Pipes summarizes the whole thing more precisely: Wow, every splitter has several possible effects. I thought they had a firm way they can take, so the lot of more theory crafting possibilities opens. There are many crazy potential buff combinations here. Especially the first combination of the Drug of Lies with a supporter who puts on CRT in his build. The can distribute a 66% Damage rebuff to all opponents and thus make the whole team tough three times (assuming that the buff is 100% active by making all opponents critical at least once 5 seconds). […]
This results in many strong combinations with the new soul splinters, the solo players and also groups in the new Season 25 extremely buffer. However, there is still the chance that Blizzard still downs the values ​​of Soul shards and then the effects are not quite so enormous.

Incidentally, it is still positive that you do not have to throw the soul-shards in rank 3 if they are not rolled after your ideas. You can treat it in Canals cubes with the recipe for Caldera s despair as a legendary gem of step 125 and thus improve your ancient armor.

How do you like the new season topic from the first impression?