Video Games is a song performed by the American singer Lana Del Rey, consisted of in her 2nd studio CD, Birthed to Pass away, 2012. The record business Vertigo Records introduced it on September 5, 2011. As a digital download, While on October 10 of the exact same year it was published alongside the track Blue Denim in digital layout and vinyl document. On October 17, an EP with remixes of the song was edited as an electronic download.
In a meeting with 3VOOR12, Lana Del Rey said that the significance of the solitary was the addiction of her partner to video games. He had a good business reception in European nations. A lot more especially, he got to the initial position in Germany, and also handled to get in the Leading 10 in nations such as Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland as well as the UK.
On the other hand, it generally got diverse remarks from doubters, several of them named among the finest tracks of 2011. The singer launched the songs video of the tune, in which she shows up vocal singing on a camera.

It was already clear that in 1998 it was very hard to choose the best game of the year. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Half Life, Resident Evil 2 or Grim Fandango were some of the works that maintained many consider the best year of history of the Video games, however, a generation of previous consoles We can find a year that has plenty of arguments to make us doubt that affirmation.

Genders were defined, and we met icons of video games have already passed 30 years since 1991, but when we take a look at the launches that came up, it is impossible to quickly decide which title was the true protagonist of anus. In it, they are classics like Battle toads, a saga that has been recently rescued by Microsoft. We also met the originals Lemmings and the Canberra Duke Nuke. The blue bomber made appearance with his fourth installment, Mega Man 4, and the legendary franchise of Sid Meier, Civilization, was presented to the world for the first time.

Mega Man Legends 2 Longplay

INK led the recreational halls the legendary fatal Fury: King of Fighters, Cap com did not miss his appointment with Captain Commando and the fantastic Three Wonders, Sega launched the second installment of Golden Ax for Mega Drive and Puyo would be an original alternative to Tetris. The year brought a host of incredible games that have remained an indelible memory in all those who lived those days and for those who discovered them later. Of all of them, we wanted to select our 13 favorite games, those who assumed a before and after in the industry, which marked us especially and that we can not stop playing 30 years later.