National coach Hans Flick wants to look after his football international in the future even between the courses more.

For this, Flick starts from January a project for individual work with the professionals. This also runs on group coaching, sometimes online, but sometimes that players implement them in their clubs after consultation with the club s clubs, said the 56-year-old in the FAZ interview.

First training of Hansi Flick as German head coach in full length

The team is divided into three groups: defense, center, storm. These are accompanied by Flick and his co-trainers Marcus Song and Danny Roll. We will rotate so every one of us has worked with every player, emphasized the national coach. It could also happen that the new standard coach Mads Butt onsite gives one or the other a little homework.

Flick promises a further professionalization from the measure. It is elementary that we create optimal prerequisites for the most important team of the country in all details and areas, he said, I do not know that from Bayern Munich.

Problems with the club trainers do not expect the former success trainer of Bayern Munich because of the project. If I summarize the first months, then showed that the club trainers and we DFB coaches tick and rate the players similarly, said Flick. For the players, it is important to know that their club trainer exchanges with the coaches of the national team.