Ubisoft reveals High Caliber, the Fourth and Last Season by Tom Clancy s Rainbow Six Siege Year 6. The new season includes a new operator. Thorn derived from Ireland and equipped with razor bloom grenades. She also carries a brand-new weapon, the UZK50Gi, which belongs next to an overdrawn outback card to the many new features of the Season.

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Learn in high caliber players: knows inside a brand-new defender, Thorn. It is equipped with the Razor bloom Grenades: Cartable gadgets with approximation alarm, which explode after triggering a short time. If the opponents: leave the radius of action in time, they will take damage through the explosion. Thorn is a medium speed operator and armor, which can use either the new UZK50GI or the M870 as a primary weapon and the 1911 Tacos or the C75 car as a secondary weapon.

In addition, Outback was completely revised to improve balancing and player comfort. The main building and the outdoor area were modified to enable the attackers more creative attack strategies. In addition, new destructible outer walls have been added, and some areas have been redesigned and arranged to enable improved line of line.

Other updates that will come with High Caliber:

The selection of team colors between blue, orange and red
Balancing updates (Fink, Echo and Ozzie s drones, new bulletproof cameras, new rules for cameras placed outdoors)
New customization options for operator cards, victory poses, colors and more.
New user interface
Soft-launch of the new streamer mode for certain streamer in the course of the season

Rainbow Six Siege: Year 6 Season 4 High Calibre Reveal | Ubisoft [NA]

The Test Server for High Caliber will go online on November 9th. The format of the test server has been updated and will now be open at three different times during the season. The contents are divided into three different versions: the Season Publication TS, which contains the contents that are delivered with the Season, the laboratory TS publishing that contains experimental content used to test functions in early production and the TS balancing publication that contains the operator and other balancing changes.

Players: Inside are invited to report the problems you encounter on the test server on the updated R6FIX platform here. This new platform is now easier to navigate and offers new features such as the search function or the possibility for players to track updates to reported errors to create more transparency. In addition, twice as many Battle Pass Points can be collected from 12 to 15 November.