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Promoting the Former Software has entered the end of the development finish, such as the amorphous elder ring, including private testing and reservation purchases. Now, I have been waiting for a full release of formal. It is the hardest time. Here, it seems that the release date is a mistake, and it seems that it feels like a thrilling thin thunderstorm.

Gamers who participated in private tests were able to experience the world of Eldon Ring, but many like they would not have won many of them. For such users, Games Mecca prepared a few sheets of the prior learning site. If you need a small doll, like a small doll, you do not have a choice for each other to take your feet to the ground of the niche. I have to do the room that I will not get off on my way. If you want to get used to the Soul Liquid, you can quickly adapt to the adventure that will be accustomed to the Soul Liquid?

One. Dark Soul 3

If you are a game that represents the promotion software, in addition to the Dark Soul Series, Senior, Blood On, Daemons Soul Remake (this work was created, but it has made a blue point game), but the work that looks like the Eldon Ring, is. Motion, system, and other elements are because various elements are upgraded from the work. I would like to say that it is a problem with a reference to a reference.

Dark Soul 3 is the background of the era of fire that the kings of the whole world that king the world that kept the world that kept the world to the world. Map design that seems to be a dull color and an end, explains everything. The player is falling on the grave and buried in the grave, and the reasons for seedlings. Since the kings of the long-term firewood, which have been forced in the tomb, the main character was granted the mission to follow their back. As a matter of decorating the cities of Dark Soul, I hope this game only look at this game.

2. The Surge 2

It is a typical work that expresses the 2 degree Soul Like. Overall, he was rated by Hoping, but he was evaluated in the sluggish of the previous work and climbed up on the class. It is a lot different from the soul series to the background that is not a medieval, but it is a lot of sense of feeling, but the enemy s tension combat system is definitely worth it. In addition, you can easily learn how to take advantage of shortcuts in a difficult thing to find the way. The main character that is jumped into the wire to solve the nanite infection in the world. Why don t you experience His one-to-one before the Eldon Ringer?

3 . Inn 2

It is a title that you need to make all the golden and dusk of the Japan national era, and the two is also required to be required. If you have difficulty in finding the Surge 2 Map, which is described above, this work is spicy. The overall difficulty is high, and the combat method looks similar to the Soul series, but the detailed system is all different. A variety of combat postures, which are divided into means of recovery, phase, middle, and bottom, and aggressive combat based on counterparts are representative. Even if you are familiar with Souls, it should be in accordance with the law of the king here.

The player has a confusing world of the nationwide through the main character Hid, which is mixed with the craftsmanship. If there are many parts of the previous and the basic knowledge of the nationwide age, there is something that is hard to understand the story. But one sure is that it is a perfect game to prepare for the spicy flavor of Eldon Ring. I have to get a hard time to understand the story line here. It is a perfect reference.

4. Mortal Shell

The moat shell is also famous for its unbeatable difficulty. I have been popularized in a gentle graphic, and the unknown of the game in the game, I put the gamers soul. In the game, Dark Souls have removed elements. Map design is representative of the dungeons that are linked to the center area called the arm picture, and the end of the Dark Soul Series, which is like the final boss, and in the end of the Dark Soul series. Of course, there are many others, such as a system that takes up the shell (shell) of others and gets their abilities, but there are also a lot of disadvantages such as a total of lack of volume and a flat boss prior to the overall volume. However, basically there is a high difficulty and a vicious map design, so it is enough to raise the Soul Liquid sense.

5 . Code Bain

Elden Ring is Basically Dark Souls 4

If you are a gamer that is unfamiliar with the unevenness of Soul Clique, it is also good to start your first start with Code Bain. I can not do it very easy, but it is because it is a game that has an ambiguous difficulty. It means that you can get used to it. There are a lot of systems similar to that of the Soul Series (bonfire) and haze (Soul), Blood Code (class), and the Soul series, and it s easy to get used to the genre. In addition, a tough design and a solid story, unique sensitive music has become a driving force for those who have been interested in those looking for a relatively warm atmosphere. Of course, I am in a relatively.

The Code Bain is a Beings Post ACO Cali world, which has been hit by the world near the destruction of the destruction of the destruction benefits. The main character is one of the vampires called Covenant, and the vampires that are destroyed with their colleagues to survive in the vampire world, Vane in the Bain, and to find the origin of the blood of the blood, and the equal society You will leave the journey to make. Then wore it, and let s start now?

6 . Bethe Die

If you want to enjoy Soul Liquid pleasantly, you can be a good choice of Ethel Die. It is a free game that can be enjoyed, and it s because it tests gamers with an appropriately vigorous difficulty. The earthquake stands for a tower that stands in a situation where the world falls into confusion. Players are their feet to conquer this tower. The overall interface is similar to the Soul series, but if one character dies, it is not possible to play for a while, and the character requires careful, such as the character is regained. However, there are various items that can offset the penalty grant to the game, so they are also added.