Celebrating Polish creativity in gaming, GOG s Made in Poland sale is live as well as it s yet an additional chance to conserve whole lots of cents on some terrific video games.

Some enjoyable indie badgers sale consist of:

The Means – 90% off

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Layers of Concern – 80% off
This Battle of Mine – 80% off
Tower of Time – 75% off
Assist Will Come Tomorrow – 70% off

Moonlighter – 70% off
Dark wood – 67% off
Fury Unleashed – 65% off
Children of Mortal – 60% off
UV: Rings of Saturn – 42% off

The Made in Poland sale ends November 15 at 1PM UTC.

Additionally, you can obtain a complimentary duplicate of Outcast 1.1, throughout their 10th anniversary of THE Nordic party sale, which no question works reasonably well with Red wine. GOG s Weekly Sale also has a couple of great deals with as well worth having a look at.

Want aid managing your GOG games on Linux? Do take a look at the current new release of Minigalaxy.

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