For the third and expected last time this season, Formula 1 tests the so-called sprint race / qualifying. You can follow the entire spectacle here in the live ticker at spot.

Unlike most weekends of the past, qualifying did not find this time the day before the race, but immediately after the first workout. In fact, yesterday s session was only qualifying for today s shrinkage race, which then determines the final starting placement for the Sunday.

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Formula 1: Sprinkle at the GP of Brazil today in the live ticker — before starting

Before starting: Form the sprint, Lewis Hamilton has to accept a setback! The seven-fold world champion was the fastest in yesterday s qualifying, but today will still start from the very back. The reason: His rear wing opened while using the Drag Reduction System (DRS) when the rules allow.

Before starting: As in the case of the two past sprinklers in Silverstone and Monza, only a good third of the total track will continue today: on the total of approximately 100 kilometers or 23 laps, the drivers also have free tire choice.

Before starting: The Sprint will be carried out in the Author Jose Carlos Pace near the Brazilian city of São Paulo. The starting signal should be done at 20.30 clock.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Live ticker of the sprinklers at the GP of Brazil.

Formula 1: Sprinkle at the GP of Brazil today in the Linebacker — the startup

Place | driver

1 | Max
2 | Latter Boats
3 | Sergio Perez
4 | Pierre Gaily
5 | Carlos Saint Jr.
6 | Charles Leclerc
7 | Land Norris
8 | Daniel Riccardo
9 | Fernando Alonso
10 | Esteban Icon
11 | Sebastian Vettel
12 | Yuri Sunday
13 | Mimi Raikkonen
14 | Antonio Giovinazzi
15 | Lance Stroll
16 | Nicholas Latin
17 | George Russell
18 | Mick Schumacher
19 | Nikita main
20 | Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1: Sprinkle at the GP of Brazil today in the Live ticker — the transfer in the TV and Livestream

As the exclusive transmission partner of Formula 1 goes to the Pay TV station SKY today no way. From 19.45 clock Sasha Room and expert Time Glock will tune on the race. Transferring transmitter is SKY Sport F1 HD.

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Formula 1: Sprinkle at the GP of Brazil today in the Live ticker — World Cup stand in the driver s state

Place | Driver | Team | Points

1 | Max stopped | Red Bull | 312.5
2 | Lewis Hamilton | Mercedes | 293.5
3 | Latter Boats | Mercedes | 185
4 | Sergio Perez | Red Bull | 165
5 | Land Norris | McLaren | 150
6 | Charles Leclerc | Ferrari | 138
7 | Carlos Saint | Ferrari | 130,5
8 | Daniel Riccardo | McLaren | 105
9 | Pierre Gaily | Alphatauri | 86
10 | Fernando Alonso | Alpine | 60