For spoken follows the journey of Frey, a young New Yorkie, which is kidnapped in the beautiful and cruel land Atria. Frey has to use her newly found magical skills in her search for a way home to travel through extensive landscapes and combat monstrous creatures.

So far, Publisher Square Enix and developers Luminous Productions were very back, which concerns information about the game. Now Forsaken has been listed at least in the Microsoft Store for PC.


A gorgeous and yet cruel world

Explore the extensive Kingdom Atria, a breathtaking country with a terrific panorama and supernatural creatures that are brought to life through fantastic graphics and the latest technology.

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Customizable arsenal made of spells

Provides you with a wide selection of powerful skills that fit into a variety of gaming styles, brutal monsters in magical fighting — from temporal and adrenal ring power to strategic and methodical.

Intuitive, Magic Improved Parkour

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Climbing on walls, jumping over to cleft, crashes from dizzying heights and sprinting through the landscape. Frey s unique skills enable easy travel through this open world.

Foreseen is expected to appear 2022 first for PlayStation 5 and PC