We have some rumors on upcoming ads that Blizzard could do at the 2019 Blazon. That year, the company will share details on a DIABLO 2 Version refill, then they will share about DIABLO 4.

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The rumor comes from Metro on Twitter, which you can consult below.

Diablo 4 DELAYED; Blizzard co-leader QUITS
Metro is an overwatch streamer that shared additional details on the next overwatch 2 ready to go out in the future, too. The movement to share on the future DIABLO The next edition of the Blazon in 2018 should be successful. Many fans have withdrawn from this ruthless and confused event because of sharing the announcement made by Blizzard. DIABLO game set to free up as a mobile game. It was not supposed to replace DIABLO 4, but the company said it did not want to share the details too early. Blazon 2019 could be the right time.

Due to the company s recent position on their banners expressing their support for Freeing Hong Kong and the treatment of Chinese government, many look at Blizzard with a deeply cynical eye. The diablo ads could help lighten the atmosphere, but it could not be enough.

We will see what Blizzard does. The 2019 Blazon will begin on November 1st and will continue until November 2nd. This is a brief weekend in Anaheim, but the fans will receive their set of ads. They could get new details on an overwatch 2, among other titles to appear in the coming years.

We will learn more about the coming weeks. We will not be able to confirm anything, and we have no future information on the publication. Make sure you check Gamer for more details when the 2019 Blazon will start on November 1st.

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