Parthia and the associated new faction were implemented with patch 9.1. The archivist Code should provide a kind of catch-up gear while you could earn revaluations media on the last stage base courts and what was interesting for players in the endgame.

So really was the Korthianische equipment but then not a real catch-up because of the Equip Grind was set too low on the first stages too long and. Those who wanted to remain as a Raider and Mythical-plus players on the ball, the maximum from the archivist Code had to get out every day at best.

That meant the daily visit to the throat area, completing all the quests, collecting all invasive throat mushrooms and boxes as well as the constant Peeking for Rare mobs that could occur at different locations on the map. In addition, you had to visit the cracks, where you are staying longer than 15 minutes and was able to pick up the few treasures there.

Whom the throat mushrooms and boxes were snapped up in his face or who had missed the Rare mobs scarce, had either longer running or in Parthia in a circle to put up with less yield. Really fun that did not make and the way to rank 6 and thus the base and media upgrades was very lengthy. Even those who had finished the call-Grind, had infinitely more daily rounds for his relic fragments turn to buy the expensive upgrades. Patch 9.1.5 has finally changed to happiness.

patch 9.1.5 brought salvation

Meanwhile, you can clearly get more relic fragments. The best method is to hunt with a group of crack-world to enter and starved darkness, as we have shown already in the article to do so. Suddenly there is a method to effectively maximize his reputation with you within a short time and can enjoy the rewards of the group.

The video of Rex troy from minute 6 One only has to look at times and listen. Check it out times, how happy are players that the cruel grind is finally bearable that surprised mood that in WoW (buy now €14.99) actually once again makes some fun and hunt for Rare mobs sometimes even addictive. But why wasn t it before?

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Blizzard held to Time gating
Blizzard there since a while the opinion that one can bind (missing any Fear of Missing Out, fear) with Time gating and COMO players long term. This no longer works in 2021 but. Rather go the players again as to harm a pointless grind. Except for the serious hardcore raider hardly anyone desire has to be able to collect a grain of rice every day to get at the end of his reward. There is a certain logic behind this is to lure players with the carrot on the style to make it for weeks and months continue. However, the changes in patch 9.1.5 show that players even invest more time and have even more fun. Even high-end Raider from Limit and echo these days complete collection media her because the scab is now much easier.

The group in the linked video has the same concern several key plans to farm directly four times in succession Rare mobs for every 15 minutes. The video s creator is not played with his Main char here, but it is with Twinks. And with so much fun that will not determine the final group of twinks have been, which goes out the troops. Suddenly, players have another goal in mind and can set new goals that appeared through the Time gating previously inaccessible or too costly.

Meanwhile, many players Twinks have followed suit and are now Parthia enjoy to the fullest. Which means they repeat the content instead with a character equal to many. In this way they equip their Twinks finally with halfway reasonable Gear and Raider, which previously were not behind for a complete collection of media upgrades, complete their collection and thereby also again a few percent more.

This motivates players much more than when every day the boring Korthia-Grind would arise from before patch 9.1.5. Causes the lifting of Time gating that players equip multiple characters, dare more player steps in mythical dungeons are motivated.

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