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F1 2021 Brazilian GP Live Race Watchalong (Pre-Race Hangout)

In São Paulo, the race at the GP of Brazil today is increasing. Here you can the 19th race of the Formula 1 season track in the live ticker.

Formula 1 races at the GP of Brazil Current score

round 33/71
. 1 | Verstappen
. 2 | Hamilton
. 3 | Boats

. 4 | Père
. 5 | Leclerc

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Formula 1 race at the Brazilian GP NOW LIVE Scores

New best lap of Lewis Hamilton: The Brit brings his tires course more quickly to temperatures and are properly gas. The sooner he is at the rear of Verstappen, the better it is for the Silver Arrow.

Verstappen pulls! Max Verstappen into the pits, looks at the pit exit in the rearview mirror and sees Hamilton! For the British, the undercut did not work because he had to pass on Riccardo. However, he has further reduced the gap! Can Verstappen keep these nearly two seconds over 50 laps?

pit stop Lewis Hamilton Hamilton makes the start! Before Verstappen the world champion goes into the box and assigns to P6 due to the simultaneous stop of Carlos Saint one.

pits Pierre Gaily: ​​ Pierre Gaily into the pits and gets the hard white Pirelli. The Frenchman is allowed to go so now.

Hamilton joins: Shortly after Verstappen also logs Hamilton and suggests slippery rear tire.

pit radio Max Verstappen: There is a bit slippery, Max Verstappen announces his team. He suggests a first pit stop. Overlooking the Undercuts now a very hot phase beginning.

Between two Silver Arrows: Pérez can at least keep Boats behind and thus seems to have no great difficulty. Two-second lead, the Mexicans ahead of the Finn. Before him, Hamilton is driven away in three seconds.

Ferraris in lockstep: In the battle for third place in the constructors championship Ferrari seems important points to collect, because Leclerc and Saint driving at the same pace in fifth and six. Gaily is just over two seconds behind the two Italian cars and is expected to have a tough time.

Vettel against Riccardo: In the upper midfield Vettel and Riccardo duel after Gaily has passed already at Oppenheim. After Riccardo overtakes short, Vettel may be similar to Pérez recently countered. On the start-finish line, the Australian draws but then finally it. So Vettel is only ninth!

overtaking Lewis Hamilton: Now he has it! Hamilton is even closer and attracts little earlier Pérez over before it goes into one curve. Pérez can not answer, but has the counter at least some time and tested for Verstappen. About 3.5 seconds are missing on the Dutch!

It goes back and forth! On the start-finish line is drawn on the outside of Hamilton Pérez over, but will shortly thereafter counter by Mexicans! Pérez remains for the moment before the Brits! Very strong action of Red Bull!

pit radio Sergio Pérez: Verstappen wants to please slow down requests Pérez, so he enters the DRS window. Behind him, Hamilton perk gas must give, and it does not look as if Verstappen honor the request.

surprise of Maze pin: Rear Maze pin bravely working on a surprise. On P15 He has briefly overtaken by Raikkonen, but countered successfully against the veteran.

punishment for Yuri Sunday: Yuri Sunday is punished by the stewards because the Japanese is driven into previously more or less directly to stroll while his front wing has lost. It s not the races of Yuri Sunday.

Good seventh: After a good start from Vettel Oppenheimer continues to seventh behind the two Ferraris. Followers sealing Vettel of Gaily, Riccardo and Icon, who completes the Top 10th

end of VSC! The Virtual Safety Car goodbye and Verstappen goes quickly off the front. Further back, Hamilton slept through the restart, so Pérez at least it goes to more than one and a half seconds.

Pérez as a brake block: While the Virtual Safety Car is true, there is the best view of the trio to Pérez, Hamilton and Boats. The Mexican holds the two Mercedes and especially Lewis Hamilton, so Verstappen can at least establish some distance.

Virtual Safety Car: The distances are frozen because even Schumacher loses his front wing. The German is Raikkonen easily driven into the side, making his racing car has been damaged.

Norris far behind: Up to 17 Rank Land Norris has fallen, but could at least Sunday overtake again. Something happened there.

Up to the last second! Just before the start-finish line is finally Verstappen gas and provides an extremely narrow field! Pérez holds Hamilton Just behind and also behind the Brits it is closely! Saint braked heavily at turn one, which can hold Boats his third place!

The safety car goes into it: Bernd Marylander goodbye to the asphalt and can Verstappen free choice on the restart!

change to hard tires: Prior to the race Pirelli has suggested an early switch to the hard tires, because it holds out long and would lose little in comparison to the medium. But the pilots stay on track despite the safety car her yellow rubber faithful.

Sunday front wing off the track: With a little delay the safety car goes out because Sunday front wing is only slightly off the track. Now this is the ideal course for Mercedes, because Hamilton course immediately shortened the gap to the Red Bulls.

Thank you, Latter! Hamilton thanks the teammates after these past leaves him after the announcement of the team in round first

New best lap of Lewis Hamilton Hamilton is already in position 3! The Briton was good passing left of Boats and now drives lap times, with whom he declines Verstappen three tenths. But at the moment there are three seconds behind Hamilton on Perez in Red Bull!

Good start Haas: At the end of the field Haas would be about the start, because the most hapless drivers could work their way to the positions 14 and 15th Meanwhile, Sunday had to say goodbye after a slight collision with stroll in the box and comes out on the 19th

New best lap of Max Verstappen: The Dutchman goes full throttle and the team will push him because from behind pushing Hamilton always forward. Meanwhile, the Silver Arrow has already overtaken Saint!

between Saint and Norris, there was a touch at the start: pits Land Norris. Here, Norris has captured a puncture and needs directly to the end of the field.

overtaking Sergio Pérez: Sergio Pérez overtaken Latter Boats! The Finn provides a horror start from the perspective of Mercedes and can both Red Bull over! Hamilton has already jumped to P6 and is followed by a strong Vettel!

Verstappen wins the start! Even the traffic lights are out! Slightly uphill start the driver and have to work when driving with the brake. Verstappen goes first into the corner and gets the start against Boats. Pérez has passed by Saint and harassed Boats also!

Before the start: The pilots roll over the asphalt, their tires warm up and position themselves equal to their starting positions. Due to the sprint qualifying free tire choice today prevails. Looking at the hot stage, all teams are on yellow tires. Only Sunday is taking a small risk and starts on red tires.

Before the start: At 24 degrees Celsius air temperature and 45 degrees track temperature the cars racing today awarded to in 71 laps on the track for the Grand Prix of Brazil. It s such perfect conditions at Interlagos, one of the few courses, driven counterclockwise and is equipped with many irregularities.

Further down the field, there are no big surprises: Before the start. Outliers of the midfield teams like Lance Stroll on 14 and Yuri Sunday to 15 occur. Mimi Raikkonen had to be classified behind Latin and George Russell on P18. Behind him in the last row are federal Mick Schumacher and Nikita Maze pin.

Before the start: Behind Boats and Verstappen could classify Carlos Saint yesterday. The Spaniard drove an impressive qualifying and ultimately gave Sergio Pérez behind. In fifth Land Norris follows the second Ferrari, Charles Leclerc. Behind Pierre Gaily and Esteban Icon finally Sebastian Vettel starts. The German was able to increase gradually in the course of the weekend and now hopes to some points. Behind him lurks but already Lewis Hamilton.

Before the start: Due to a good start, Latter Boats was able to secure the pole yesterday. While Verstappen struggled a few laps too long to Carlos Saint, Boats drove out a sufficient margin. The role of the Mercedes for today is clearly defined: Red Bull hold back. At best, he keeps the driver s field closely, can unlock so teammate Hamilton early and Mitford to the decision in Brazil.

Before starting: From the very back Lewis Hamilton had to start in yesterday s sprint training, but could not stop at all. In 24 laps he moved past fifteen drivers and secured fifth place. Due to another punishment, he starts from position ten. The Briton should be satisfied, he could already show his qualities on the course in São Paulo. Now he has to hope for the support of the teammate.

Before starting: Dangers on the Autonomy Jose Carlos Pace in São Paulo. At 6 pm German time, the traffic lights switch to green for the race.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the race at the Grand Prix of Brazil.

Formula 1: Race at the GP of Brazil today on TV and Livestream

SKY is responsible for transferring the race in Brazil. At 4.30 pm, the discussion on SKY Sport F1 HD and SKY Sport UHD commentator Sasha Room and expert Time Glock report.

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Formula 1: The World Cup stand before the race at the GP of Brazil

Po s. | Driver | team

1 |

Latter Boats

| Mercedes
2 |


| Red Bull
3 |

Carlos Saint

| Ferrari
4 |

Sergio Perez

| Red Bull
5 |

Land Norris

| McLaren
6 |

Charles Leclerc

| Ferrari
7 |

Pierre Gaily

| Alphatauri
8 |

Esteban Icon

| Alpine
9 |

Sebastian Vettel

| Aston Martin
10 |

Lewis Hamilton

| Mercedes
11 |

Daniel Riccardo

| McLaren
12 |

Fernando Alonso

| Alpine
13 |

Antonio Giovinazzi

| Alfa Romeo
14 |

Lance Stroll

| Aston Martin
15 |

Yuri Sunday

| Alphatauri
16 |

Nicholas Latin

| Williams
17 |

George Russell

| Williams
18 |

Mimi Raikkonen

| Alfa Romeo
19 |

Mick Schumacher

| Haas f1
20 |

Nikita main

| Haas f1

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