The PlayStation 5, ICHEICH Switch OLED, Goodbye Xbox Series: Playmate is now the latest scream. The little yellow handheld with crank does not just look really chic, but also comes with an innovative games concept. Anyone who has accessed this tempting benefits must be strong in view of the following message.

Battery problems provide displacement

The Playdate Teardown-A Look Inside This Retro Gaming Handheld

For as the company s behind the playmate, Panic announced, the curious crackdown to be moved and no longer appears as planned this year. The reason for this are massive problems with the batteries used at the beginning of the production, which not only did not meet the requirements of a long life, but sometimes did not work.

As you let s say on the official site of the playmate, you had to replace the batteries in all units produced so far and, of course, while this represents an extreme nuisance that shifts the entire process to the rear, fortunately, the problem has noticed before playing playmates to customers has sent.

All units, which should have arrived at the end of 2021 in players around the world, thus do so only in early 2022. Through massive delivery bottlenecks due to the Corona crisis, there is no improvement in sight. While the first 50,000 playmates should all be plundered in 2022, the situation looks less rosy afterwards.

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What is the playmate?

As already mentioned, the playmate is a handheld, which should fit perfectly into the palm. Away from yellow retro design, it has an A and a B button, a D-Pad and the striking crane on the side. In addition, it offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a speaker. Cost point are 179 dollars.

On the 400×240 display, you can enjoy 24 games in grainy black and white graphics, but not all installed on the playmate from the outset. Instead, you get two new and not previously known titles on your handheld over 12 weeks every Monday, so you will surprise again.

Source: Panic

From Jonas Roger
14.11.2021 at 14:45