Xbox Game Studios is a Division of American Software Program Concerning Microsoft, which is responsible for the growth as well as publication of computer system games for the Windows operating system and the in-house video game gaming consoles of the Xbox brand. The section acts as a video game author. Previous names of the department were Microsoft Games (2000-2001), Microsoft Video Game Studios (2001-2011) as well as Microsoft Studios (2011-2019). The Xbox Video game Studios publish computer game of numerous designer workshops coming from Microsoft, such as Moving Studios, Rare, Ninja Concept, Inside Home Entertainment, Bethesda Video Game Studios or Obsidian Enjoyment, but additionally publish video clip games from independent programmer workshops.

Phil Spencer is at the top of the Xbox division and is instrulously responsible for the continuous success of recent years at the Xbox.

But he will not always be there. His most important task is to make the Xbox team fit for the future and ensure that it is long after him in a healthy condition.

Like the GQ Magazine to interview with Spencer, presses in Microsoft even to think of the long-term nature of the Xbox team and to put the course now.

He said about the topic of future and succession:

As someone who has been here for 33 years, of course, I have more years behind me than before me. But the longevity of this team, the durability of this team, there is nothing more important to me than that.

You should do it if you think of the long-term health of the team. You should make sure that the team is in good condition. That is fine the culture of the company. And that we make the right decisions on whom we set. That has to survive me.

With regard to the future there are three phases. Spencer describes them as Horizon.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer on Xbox One

Horizon One is plans that are already implemented today. Horizon Two, on the other hand, are projects that happen in one to three years. Horizon Three are still in the future at 5 to 15 years.

Although the projects in Horizon Three are probably not working. But Spencer stresses that it was important to drive innovation. There is also risky to enter into any risks. The seed of tomorrow must be sown today. Finally, you can not buy innovations just.