Video Games is a track performed by the American singer Lana Del Rey, included in her second workshop CD, Born to Pass away, 2012. The record business Vertigo Records introduced it on September 5, 2011. As an electronic download, While on October 10 of the exact same year it was published following to the song Blue Pants in electronic style as well as vinyl document. On October 17, an EP with remixes of the track was modified as an electronic download.
In a meeting with 3VOOR12, Lana Del Rey said that the meaning of the single was the dependency of her partner to video games. He had an excellent business function in European countries. A lot more especially, he reached the very first setting in Germany, and also handled to enter the Top 10 in nations such as Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and also the United Kingdom.
On the other hand, it typically acquired varied comments from critics, a few of them called one of the very best tunes of 2011. The singer released the music video clip of the song, in which she shows up vocal singing on a camcorder.

To absolutely all, Nintendo has published a few songs of Hardware: Get It Together! In your YouTube channel, including one that in theory never came to the final version of the game. At least not this version. Well, it s about Penny s Song, which you can listen here with everything and its Spanish version.

WarioWare: Get It Together! – Penny’s Song (Spanish Version) – Nintendo Switch
We do not know exactly why this track never reached the game, but on this occasion Nintendo definitely deserves the applause for allowing fans to enjoy it online instead of having disappeared forever.

According to the Great N, This specific version was created for all fans of Hardware at Latin America and required an additional effort on the part of the location equipment. If you want to listen to your English version, then here we leave it.

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Editor s note: We still do not know exactly the logic that Nintendo employs for this type of situations, but it is certainly a rare and unexpected movement by Great N. Maybe this is a look at the future of the company, one where they will be much more communicative and open with the community.