Inner World is the big patch 1.1 with the name ins disaster appeared. Although official patch notes have been released, but the players have found several secret changes that were mentioned so nowhere. We from Mango summarize them for you.

In New World the big patch 1.1 has appeared. He brought, among other things, new quests, the new weapon of ominous gauntlets, but also dozens more changes. However, some of these were not documented by Amazon in the patch notes.

Often these are small changes, such as the replacement of the fountain in catering. There is now instead of a classic fountain — for many players rather ugly — fountain.

We listen to the changes found so far from the players:

You can now act in expeditions with other players.
Elite chests generally seem to drop less armor and weapons.
There is a new function to search stats in the trading post. However, thats not good.
Missing materials for legendary recipes such as the Life Crystal Core should now be in the game.
Some collective nodes of Orichalcum in obese were removed.

The Ring Weberknoten, which had twice lucked as a stat, was adjusted. Also, some other items should have been adapted so that they have no luck as a statement from now on.
Angry Earth enemies now give particles instead of the quintessence as drop. However, the number of particles is so high that almost balanced is the quintessence.
The portals of the corrupt in Regard (an endgame farm zone) now scales stronger. There is also a new wall at the priest farm, so you can not hop so easily on the lead.
The wall that blocks access to Hilo Visage has significantly more lifestyles than before.
The energy-donating small ration and the energy-sustaining travel proving have received new icons.
The color of the The Alliance faction was easily revised and now acts brownish.
Any type of magnetite can be used to produce rune stones or uniforms (Obsidian).
For heavy attacks with the life rod there is now a new noise that sounds a heavy breath.

New World makes players harder and that is unusual

How do the changes arrive? In the Reddit thread to the undocumented changes, there is all kind of criticism of Amazon. Because many of these adjustments make the players harder than before.

Especially the reduced drops in elite chests and the harder farm in Regard are not feeling well. Many are surprised that in declining player numbers, the MMO is rather heavier and grainy instead of facilitating the players. This has also summarized the user Groggy:

New World Everything Changes! Into The Void Patch Notes 1.1!

You have changed some things to slow the players, so they are not so fast through (missing) content. Watermark Farming? Create! Experience points in crafting? Create! I think you have seen what players brought their armor and one or two Life skills to the maximum and then left the game.

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What do you say about the new update and the changes shown here? Can you understand the criticism with the difficult conditions in the endgame and do you bother you? Write it in the comments.

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