Pokemon Go will soon be unlocked the new Hoop research unleashed Schabernback. You can get free of charge or have to pay for it. We show you until when you have to complete the research misunderstood Schabernback to get the new research for free.

What is it? Since the beginning of the current season of the Schabernback in Pokémon Go, you can solve special research. Minted Schabernback with Hoop. If you can do that fast enough, then you will receive the second special research on Hoop, unleashed Schabernback, free. If you do not make that, you have to buy them for €5 if you want them.

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We now know until when you have done the research to secure the free special research.

Unlock misunderstood Schabernback by December

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says Ni antic: The Support of Ni antic explained on Twitter how long you have time to secure your free research:

Trainer, we want to clarify that you can get the exclusive special research for free at the end of the season if you lock the special research of misunderstood Schabernback until the end of the season of the Schabernback on December 1st at 9:59 local time.

You add: If you do not plan to complete the special research misunderstood Schabernback until December 1st, then you have the opportunity to have a ticket for the special research unleashed Schabernback for €4.99 from 26 November to the end to buy the season on December 1st.

When does it continue? New special research on the 26th of November

When is there the new research? In the course of an event, which runs from November 26 to 29 November, the new Hoop special research unleashed Schabernback will be unlocked for the first time. This announced Ni antic already on the blog (via nianticlabs.com)

What quests and rewards are there? Meanwhile, all 16 chapters of the first special research with Hoop are known. Here on Mango we have summarized for you all the tasks and rewards of misunderstood Schabernback.

How far are you with misunderstood Schabernback? Do you manage to solve research until the end of the season and then secure the new research for free, or are you still far from the finish? Write us from your progress here on ManoMano in the comments.

Especially the community day in December is a hot topic with the coaches, because there is a big problem with Feeling.