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Sun: Marvelous! Lewis Hamilton is praised for his superheroes performance in Qatar and closes more and more to Max with his sovereign victory.
Guardian: After 20 races of a merciless Formula 1 season, Lewis Hamilton remains relentless and indomitable in its determination to lead the title fight to the end.
Daily Mail: Toto Wolff has put on the point what Lewis Hamilton has inspired his merciless victory in Qatar. You woke up a lion on Saturday, said the Mercedes team boss and got up The race in Brazil a week ago and the two penalties, which imposed the Fia-Stewards against Hamilton. These penalties have caused the British to rise from the grave and to win a victory that is one of his best at all.

Post-Race Press Conference | 2021 Qatar GP

DE TELEGRAPH: On a completely crazy Formula 1 weekend, the two large cannons of their sports kept cooling head. Nothing seems to be a sensationally exciting highlight in the way. Almost everything is now allowed, every dot number counts.
AD: There is still max stages of the leader in the World Cup rating, but its title opportunities have not risen, especially since the fight is now in the direction of boiling point. The lion in Lewis Hamilton is awakened.


Gazette hello Sport: The Lion Hamilton is awakening and flours now really fear. Mercedes and Hamilton are resurrected and want to stipend and do nothing more.
Carrier hello Sport: Hamilton, ruler of the formula 1. The outcome of this World Cup remains uncertain until the end, as has never been the case so far. This season is confirmed as one of the most exciting in F1 history. The duel Hamilton stages will stay in the history books of this sport.
Autosport: Formula 1 like a wrestling duel.
La Repubblica: A Formula 1 for Super Heroes: Hamilton against Max to the last round, but behind the two warriors, Alonso appears again. Even if nothing happens, everything happens in this exciting World Cup, which still happens has no winner.
IL Finale: Hamilton stages: Not even the sports funnel ruin the big duel. Hamilton did not need help for the victory. But he still has supported support from the commissioners who have punished a naivety Red Bulls.


March: The three best current pilots shone in our own light in Qatar. Alonso risked everything in every curve, third and with 35 hp less than Mercedes or Red Bull. Alonso is back in the VIP area of ​​Formula 1 AS: Alonso skin on the table. Hamilton drove from the beginning on never reviews of it. It is getting closer between Hamilton and stages in the fight for the World Cup crown.
Sports: Hamilton continues his law. Hamilton emphasized again that he never gives up. There are still two highly explosive races.

Munro Deporting: Magic Alonso! It is the first podium of Alonso since Hungary 2014, the first since his return to the big circus. Hamilton dominated from the beginning of the events, nobody came to him. The war was still approaching him Not over, the voltage is retained.

The race: Hamilton wins in Qatar: Staying lead melts