Developers Motioning the update 26.0 has published Dead Cells, fixes not only some mistakes in the game, but the players already happy with Christmas gifts. This one has a look around in the world of indie games and brings crossover items from six of your favorite licenses, with one outfit and a gun.


Weapon: Face Flask
Outfit: Outfit of the penitent

Curse of the Dead Gods

Weapon: machete and gun
Outfit: explorers outfit


Weapon: Poll Power
Outfit: Ecuador outfit

Hollow Knight

Weapon: Pure Nail
Outfit: Vessel’s Outfit

Hyper Light Drifter

Dead Cells: Everyone is Here! Update ft Mr. Sakurai

Weapon: Hard Light sword / Hard Light Gun
Outfit: The outfit of the magician


Weapon: Bone
Outfit: Little Bone’s outfit

The new content turns her free by you explore the prison quarters and there discovered some new, unusual spaces that seemingly do not belong here. Explores these spaces and the weapons and outfits would soon belong to you. In addition, a book was hidden with information that you reveal the locations of the objects.

Update 26.0 bug fixes and more at a glance


Fire-related affixes can no longer appear on eisbezogenen objects and vice versa.
Dropping a bomb while rolling will no longer break the invisibility.


A new logging system has been added, log the goes internally right to learn where some bugs come. It will not log any personal information.
It has added the ability to scroll through the Minor Forge menu by affixes.

Bug Fixes

The mistake that Cocoon What Does not Kill Me has not enabled has been resolved.
The cooldown of What does not kill me has been fixed.
The ability to multiply Serenade has been fixed.
Fixed that the boomerang is not regained in some cases his ammunition when the projectile was destroyed.
The actions of skills can no longer be interrupted.
A strange interaction between the attacks of Jerkshrooms and the combat shield has been fixed by which the player has sometimes taken on parrying.
Fixed that wrecking balls cause by Ice Armor damage.
Fixed that grenades caused negative damage in some cases.
Fixed that the Armadillo pack Guardian Knight and Automatons not parried.
The shell of the hunter can not be used more to the decay of other skills reset.
Fragile props now follow the same rules as generation ground decorations.
Fixed that the players marks when changing the outfits were not loaded.
The scarecrow can no longer be skipped.
The Schadensbuff for invisibility has not been triggered.
Fixed that the abbreviation of the stilt village sometimes could not be reached.
The effect of tonic was lifted at each update of the inventory.
The behavior of Mother Tick was sometimes interrupted after its movement was interrupted.

Mod support

Added a new key system which allows data to be transferred through the levels in the same game.
Added a system that makes it possible to modify an exit door to the next level, even in the Vanilla levels. Yes, you can make the prisoners quarters in the prison quarters one output.
Timed Doors, No-Hit Doors and Old Timed Doors have been added to Level Scripting API.
Added the ability to change the time required for a Timed door in the same level.
Fixed an API call added that returns whether a player has a specific DLC.
Added an API call, which makes it possible to adapt the health fountain at the Boss cells of the current player.
Added a new button in the Mod UI. The back button will now be used to go back.
The mob spawn system has been corrected.
The Boss Cells Tube now invites Vanilla game new if it is used in a modified level.