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World of Warcraft

Happy seventeenth birthday (November 23, 2004 – November 23, 2021).

We could write five essays here on WoW and its impact on the massively multiplayer online genre, but instead let the pictures speak… pictures and videos that CHRONOLOGICAL tell the story of this game.

The first screenshot of WoW (coming in 1999):

This is what World of Warcraft looked like in 1999

The first trailer of WoW (coming in 2001):

Box WoW and 2004:

The premiere trailer of the game:

Leroy Jenkins:

Corrupted Blood Bug:

The cult episode of South Park :

The premiere of the first extension The Burning Crusade :

11 million subscribers (2008):

Prime Minister extensions Wrath of the Rich King)

Red Shirt Guy:

Free trial debut in the game:

Prime Minister extension Cataclysm :

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Record 12 million subscribers:

Prime Minister extensions Mists of Mandarin :

The premiere of extension Warlords of Drano :

Popularity great leap… and a big drop in subscribers to 5.6 million subscribers. From that moment, Blizzard administration ceases numbers from the game:

The film Warcraft: The Beginning debuts in theaters:

Prime Minister extension Legion :

Closing Nostalgia (the largest private game server):

Announcing World of Warcraft Classic:

Blizzard ends with Battle chest. For fun, we just paid subscription:

Prime Minister extensions Battle for Zeroth :

The premiere of World of Warcraft Classic. The game returns to the salons. Raises twitch, recorded record results, and servers are bursting at the seams:

The premiere of Shadow lands and the first in the history of squish level:

Serious slump, Blizzard collects more and more criticism on how to manage the game. There are invasive and expensive as hell services. Leading people — including the one and the other president — leave the company. In the meantime, the revelations come to light within the company regarding harassment, racism, exploitation, and other unpleasant things. The company is sued… STOP.

In such a day like today should not Douala Blizzard. But even without this they have a lot on my mind.

Just let us rejoice and let us be grateful after all Blizzard that created the World of Warcraft. Without this there would be no game boom on the Prime Minister, there would be many other cool games, it would not be the portal, there would be nothing…