The Borg are an alien group that look like persisting antagonists in the Star Expedition imaginary universe. The Borg are cybernetic microorganisms (cyborgs) connected in a hive mind called the Collective. The Borg co-opt the modern technology and expertise of other alien varieties to the Collective through the process of adaptation : forcibly transforming individual beings into drones by infusing anaerobes into their bodies and also operative boosting them with cybernetic parts. The Borg’s supreme goal is achieving excellence. Aside from being repeating villains in the Future generation television series, they are portrayed as the primary hazard in the film Star Trip: First Get In Touch With. Additionally, they played major roles in the Voyager collection.
The Borg have become an icon in prominent culture for any kind of juggernaut against which resistance is useless, a typical phrase said by the Borg.

The END Of Chapter 2 EVENT! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Arrival on the occasion of the FortNiteMares 2021, the Queen Cube will change the face of the world with his ultimate assault on the island. It’s time to take up arms and oppose the destructive realities in a single event. The end is close to Fortnite, signing an epic conclusion for Chapter 2 of the Royal Battle. See you on December 4th for a battle that will decide the destiny of the survivors.

The conclusion of Chapter 2 of Fortnite

Playable up to 16 players, join your friends or other players to repel the removal of detours. The event The end begins on Saturday, December 4 at 22:00 (French time) But it will be possible for players to group 30 minutes before. No one still knows what to expect, or even if the servers will be disabled until the next season arrives, like the launch of Chapter 2. The rebroadcasts of the event will not be available on the Official networks of Epic Games. Players and content creators are therefore invited to record the last moments for posterity.

Finally, this event marks the end of a chapter, but also a season. Compensation is therefore planned to level at the premature stop of the combat pass. Each player who connects before the end of the season receives 225,000 experience to unlock new levels. An increased XP weekend is also planned from 27 to 29 November 2021.