Fortnite Battle Royale is a complimentary multiplatform video clip game coming from the Genus Battle Royale developed as well as released by Legendary Games. It was released as a title with awaited gain access to for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One on September 26, 2017, followed by iOS, Android and also Nintendo Change the list below year. Similarly, in 2020, it was released for the brand-new generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Collection X|s. It is a spin-off of Fortnite game setting: save the globe and also a participating survival game with building and construction elements.
As a game of Battle Royale, Fortnite Battle Royale has up to 100 players, solo, duos, trios or teams of as much as four players, trying to be the last player with life getting rid of various other players or escaping them, while staying inside a Safe area that frequently shrinks to avoid getting dangerous damages from a poisonous tornado. Players ought to try to find weapons to acquire advantage over their opponents. The game adds the stamina building and construction element; Players can damage the majority of the things on the planet of the game to earn sources they can make use of to develop fortifications as component of their strategy. The game also has restricted multi-platform game in between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Change, computer system variations as well as mobile versions.
After the early launch of Player unknown’s Battlegrounds in March 2017 as well as its rapid development, Impressive Gaming saw the opportunity to produce a real battle mode from Fortnite. Impressive Games tossed it as a means within the game, however later on it ended up being an independent as well as complimentary game, supported by microtransactions that did not require the Fortnite Base game.

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don’t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto as soon as possible, explosion play repo.

This time, Hexagon wants to deliver live content about the battle card game Ancient Gods that has been released early access to PC (Windows) on November 20, 2021.

What is an Ancient GODS ?

This work is a turnaround strategy RPG card game that handles the gods as heroine. Unique characters, easy-to-understand visuals, simple battle systems and royal road elements, and have a slight translation for early access…… I was able to do something that is likely to play overall. In this article, let’s introduce it centering on the campaign.

Operation and setting

This work is compatible with mouse operation only, and in the future, it is planned to comply with keyboard and controller. This is a selfish speculation, but in the future, I feel that it seems to be in view for smartphones.

As mentioned earlier, the language is compatible with Japanese. However, since it is possible to understand the rules more and more in the actual play, I could not, personally, I personally didn’t feel much to hind there.

By the way, if you say that there is no lid, the originally used English itself is simple, so if the translation is not understood, it will be manageable if you make settings only at that time….

About each mode

Each of them is briefly summarized as follows.

Campaign: Goal to defeat the boss aiming at the back of the map while combining battle events. When the game is over, the booty will be lost.

Endless: It is almost the same as the campaign, but the battle continues until the character dies. Boats can bring back even if the game is over.

Summon: Summon heroes using booty that earns. So-called geisha.

GD Collection: Verification of possession hero and strengthening can be performed.

Ascension (Act I)- RPG with playing cards


It is no good to lose! Translation of Tsunami and translation.

Anyway first game, the first map is a kind tutorial. You can experience how the game proceeds while introducing combat parts and event parts using one map. Here I’m going to play in such a feeling, so let’s learn and learn with the actual battle.


Map and character selection

When selecting a map, it is good to check the information screen well. If you meet the tasks called quest requests and clear the map, you can get the character reinforcement and the material and compensation that can be used for the geisha.

The characters are allocated to the characters, STR (power strength), STR (power strength), int (wisdom), and HP (physical strength), and combat is advantageous if you select the card deck It becomes. Even if the STR is a stronger character, it will be overwhelmed by passing the INT specializing deck.

The card deck is a format that is selected from the classes prepared in advance.

The image is the time of face photography Brain muscle porous…… I like and chosen and chosen. The reinforced material Shard attached to the tutorial is already brought up to +4.

The development of the character is performed in a form that raises the basic status itself by level up by the experience value obtained by battle victory, and increases the numerical value with the reinforced material obtained by map clear. In this sense, if you grow the character, it may be recommended that the endless mode that can bring back the booty even if the game is over.

Screen’s view

By the way, we will choose the game screen, basically three choices, and do the combat or event part. On the upper left of the image, the status of your own use character is the top of the center, the number of gold, crystal, and coin possession is in the middle of the center, and the number of copies of the current hand holding card and the setting menu icon in the upper right. I have.

Notably focusing on the game currency, the gauge listed as Nordic is lying. This indicates the degree of progression of the map, and the gauge goes to the right one part of battle victory and events, and when it reaches the end Douro Mark, the boss battle starts the map has reached To do.

Event About

These event parts are randomly displayed, and other than the battle other person, a shop where you can purchase a card, a camp that can be purchased, and a lot of work, and a lot of tricks and a lot of events. I’m glad if you hit the camp in the inter-fighting condition and connect the boss without fitness.

Of course, there are also cases where you progress the map almost without battle. However, in that case, the experience value that should be obtained in battle can not be obtained or the disadvantage. Feeling of bad luck and all selecting limits are in battle….

How to read cards

Well, let’s return to the battle. When the battle begins, the card is drawn like this and adds it to your hand as it is, Kip (it was KEEP…) or Riot to be radioed once. It is safe because it starts with his turn, so it’s because I’m rid-off, so I’m relieved because I’m going to rest once a day.

About the description of the card. The numbers such as 2 and 1 surrounded by the upper left round icon are used as used MANA, figures surrounded by icons such as flames, and the contents described in the lower part are described in the lower part of the attack power and defense. Each of the cards differs depending on the card.

The basic MANA possessed by the character is also the number of possible actions, and if you use all the MANA, it will be the other party’s number at the turn-end. Then, the battle progresses in the rule that the turn is repeated with each other and the strength is zero first.

For example, if this image is this image, the manage concert 1/3 on the left side of the screen means Action one more time. When you look at your hand, all cards used MANA is 1, so this time it is still possible to act.

Character status and deck characteristics

By the way, under the card’s manage concert, the mark of the sword and shield is listed in numbers and sets, but this indicates the attack power and defense at that time. Cards involved in combat power are based on character characteristic values, and the effects of 000% of STR values fluctuate their attack power and defense values.

For example, if you use the card with the effect of 50% attack power of STR value with the character of STR100, the damage to the other party will be 50. In other words, it was not a brain muscle…… and STR value is a high STR specializing deck, and the combat power will be high, while it will be an int specializing deck, and it will be a seriousness that it will be an INT specializing deck. It will not be able to make use of it.

Let’s throw away and put muscles. STR solves everything (confusion)…… However, the card with high effectiveness of 100% attack power of 100% STR value is also large for use MANA, so if you do not pay attention to use It will not be.

Furthermore, since there is a status-up card that grows the STR value itself, there is a good combination of the other party with the maximum thermal power, and the battle of the boss is fascinated by the protection of the iron wall.

In addition, I was worried about it, but there are several cards of the effect of the effect that demonstrate the high combat power as much as the remaining physical strength is so much that it is a high-risk high return battle method that aims at reversal with nature and one shot while fighting I was shifted.

Battle of battle

Even if the remaining number of times of action is zero, depending on the effect of active skills, you can restore the MANA by destroying the card by discarding the card.

The previous status-up card, thanks to these, it is interesting that strategic is required for the use of hand-held cards. Besides this, the cards and skills have different effects, so it may be good to try to fight for your own preference.

In addition, as the boss game is high compared to the character of the road, it is pointing to how much the card or skill can be aligned so far. In some cases, there is also a bad effect card, and greedy choice at a certain event will not be possible almost nothing in the scene of the boss battle here….

Geisha element

In order to attract the gods in the world, you need gold or crystal (in-game currency) instead of believers. But the campaign’s reward is quite afraid, so there is not enough necessary amount. Personally, it is an impression that it was easy to earn if you were turning endless mode endlessly.

It may be a bit difficult to understand, but not only the character but only the strengthening material…… Where did you get the material of the character that you have not possessed yet!

Anyway, there are 32 characters at the moment, so some people will come out if it takes place.

in conclusion

Simply thinking only about clearing campaign maps, but it is easy to raise the endless mode when you’re going to raise it. Personally, the style that continues to fight the battles in the minimum direct production is a favorite thing, but it will feel a slightly flat play experience that it is a slightly flat play experience that it is a favorite thing for training and liberation.

Although it is a heavy understanding that it is an early access, it is a place where you will add a story to the campaign mode, or it is a bit that there is a lot of digging of each character. Anyway, the battle of the battle itself is interesting, so it is fun how to evolve in the future update.

Title: Ancient GODS
Compatible models: PC (Windows)
Play model in articles: PC (Windows)
Release date: November 20, 2021
Author play time for article writing time: 3 hours
Prices Price: Regular price 1,520 yen, Sale price 1,368 yen (until November 27, 21)

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