At the beginning of the 15th match day of the 2nd Bundesliga, John Regensburg wins against Dynamo Dresden. The decision falls through two goals in the last 15 minutes of play. The live ticker for reading.

John Regensburg jumped on a rise place with the eighth season win in the 2nd Bundesliga. One week after the significant 1: 4 defeat at Hamburger SV, the team of coach Perseid Selimbegovic for the kick-off of the 15th match day Dynamo Dresden with 3: 1 (1: 0) and shoved at least until Saturday on a direct rise place.

While Regensburg lies with 28 points on the second place in the table, Dresden depends on the ninth season defeat in the lower table center field. Benedict Smaller brought the Regensburg after a flank by direct acceptance (34.), the substitute Khan Caliskanner (80th) and Charalambos Madrid (82nd) ​​achieved the following hits. Christoph Darneder met by head in the 47th minute at the interim equalizer.

2 . Bundesliga: John Regensburg — Dynamo Dresden 3: 1 — The game in the steno gram

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 3: 1 (1: 0)


| 1: 0 Smaller (34.), 1: 1 WAVERER (47.), 2: 1 TALISMAN (78.), 3: 1 Madrid (82.)

Installation Regensburg

| Meyer — Smaller, Schreiner (75th Cali scan), Kennedy, Guard — Bukhara (61. Recessed), Besockkow, Best, Singh (75th Parts) — Otto (75. Madrid), Albert

Position Dresden

| Roll — Becker, Giorbelidze (80th Lion), Collabed, Adonis (46th Photo) — Strong — Porsche (60. Incense), Königsdöffer, Will (46th Schröder) — WAVERER, BORDELLO (67. MADE)

Yellow cards


Bukhara (20.), Besockkow (74.) / Königsdörffer (36th)

2 . Bundesliga, John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 3: 1 — Live ticker for reading

Conclusion: In the end it was the bench that made the difference. After the equalizer shortly after restart, Dresden was stronger, Regensburg did not fell a lot anymore. Selimbegovics Triple Change changed a quarter of an hour before the end but everything. The substitute Caliskanner and Madrid brought the eighth season win to the John. The Saxons will certainly drive home frustrated — a draw would have been in it for you.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga now in the Live tick — Following

    • 2.: Best felt in the sprint, how a muscle has made in the thigh. He has to get out, Zeppelin will deny the final minutes.
    • 1.: Three minutes of retrieval time are displayed.

90.: Cali scan Dribble on the penalty entrance two opponents and suddenly only has a roll in front of him. His posture at the shot is not completely right, and he puts the ball to the left of the gate.

90.: Already Later Dagenham in Düsseldorf brings 1-0 in the lead. Few moments afterwards are over.

89.: Becker wants to stop Albert and dig from the side into his legs. Borowski moves the yellow card.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the Live tick — Yellow card for Becker

88.: SCHRÖDER stands out strongly against Guard and sets up for LAVERNE. But he has too much reserve and skin the ball in the upper rank.

87.: For a fear from the half-field, Königsdörffer is relatively free to fly head ball. But he distracts the bullet exactly on Meyer, who removes them only forward, but then safely has.

85.: Madrid plays a clever steep pass in the run of Albert, but does not take the ball well. From Albert’ foot jumps the ball into the arms of Roll.

83.: Hat off, Selimbegovic! At the level of 1: 1, he changes three offensive forces, seven minutes later, two of them met.

82.: TROOPER! Regensburg — Dresden 3: 1. The decision! Best flanks from left to crisis, leaving with its assumption Becker and then the ball then with the credential to the right lower corner skin.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga now in the Live ticker — Tor Regensburg

80.: Giorbelidze goes out after his spasm, Lion will replace him left back.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the Live tick — change Dresden

78.: TROOPER! Regensburg — Dresden 2: 1. Tuition! Regensburg — Dresden 2: 1. If nothing works out of the game, then there is still the dormant ball for the John: With the best corner, Caliskaner screws up and heads the ball into the stitches. It’s already the 15th standard gate for the Regensburg.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga now in the Live ticker — Tor Regensburg

77.: Giorbelidze can be treated because of a spasm and the game is briefly interrupted.

76.: Three bills of change at once, three new offensive players: Selimbegovic shows his players that he is not satisfied with the game right now and more than just a point.

75.: Even Singh, who has not brought in the second half much about, has workday. Parts comes to finish the match. Moreover, Selimbegovic Çalışkaner brings Schreiner. Even the unobtrusive Otto goes down. Madrid replaced him.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — triple exchange Regensburg

  1. Besuschkow places the ball too far ahead and then legs away Stark order. There are yellow.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — Yellow card for Besuschkow

  1. Best crosses on Albert, but the two opponents around him and can not bring on goal the ball.

  2. No goals have so far failed the game of Düsseldorf against Dagenham.

  3. The corner incense draws directly on goal, forcing Meyer intervene: The keeper deflects the ball over the bar.

  4. Königsdörffer passes the ball close to the scale arm of Elves. Dresden calls for a penalty, which does not exist logically. But a corner…

  5. Schmidt takes Bordello down and brings with Made a new man.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the Live tick — change Dresden

  1. Bordello is staged on the left and has plenty of time to idea to make the score flanks. He plays the ball then exactly Darners skull, but not time this header well and puts the leather far past the housing.

  2. Guard sums from 20 yards a heart, he missed the goal but quite clearly.

  3. Selimbegovic takes down the preloaded with yellow Bukhara and brings it Lesser.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — exchange Regensburg

  1. The next Dresden Change: Porsche leaves the field incense enters it.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the Live tick — change Dresden

  1. Darner comes against Schreiner late and kicks him to the foot of the tunnel. He gets a yellow card.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — Yellow card for Darner

  1. Schröder wins the ball across goal and finds Becker, but gets little pressure behind his head. Meyer buries the leather among themselves.

  2. Dresden continues to press on the accelerator, Photo catching up right against Guard a corner out.

  3. king Offer Bordello want to send, but then comes but short. The ball rolls to Meyer and both Dresden fret.

  4. Regensburg seems antiknock something after the goal and can currently hardly escape from his own half.

  5. For Darner it is already the seventh goal of the season. It is the sixth game of his team, in which he is involved in at least one hits (seven goals, two assists). All these five games won Dynamo. In the nine games in which he was not involved in any gate, Dresden brought against it only one point.

  6. The gate was initiated by Photo, Schröder was the template. Since one can only say: everything done right with the changes, Mr. Smith!

  7. Tailor! Regensburg — DRESDEN 1: 1. Schröder a cross in from the right, the ball flies precisely to Darner beheading him from close range into the net. Perfect start of the second round for Dynamo!

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — Tor Dresden

  1. When John same Elf standing on the field as before the change.

  2. Two break substitution with: Adonis makes room for Photo and Schröder replaces the really strong Will.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — double substitution Dresden

  1. It goes on!

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — Start 2nd Half

Half: After a strong start Dynamo made during the game more and more to what the of Regensburg enabled to earn several good opportunities. The opening goal by Smaller was then only the logical consequence. The Saxons have to find back to the intensity of the initial quarter of an hour and then become more effective in the last third — otherwise they will return empty-handed from Regensburg. In the second game Friday, it stands between Düsseldorf and Dagenham the way 0: 0th

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — half-time

There on top Two minutes: 45 + 1.

  1. Königsdörffer sends Darner right into the box, but his shot with the inside of flies into the center of the gate. No problem for Meyer.

  2. best is from 20 meters to shoot, but he meets with Albert her own husband. Would otherwise come good.

  3. Singh runs on the box to, see that the defenders see the passing lanes and opts for the shot. He wants likely the ball into the bottom right-hand corner — Broll makes long and left the ball with the fingertips of his goal away.

  4. Königsdörffer fault Singh and then pushes him again when he will rise again. He sees the yellow card.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — Yellow card for Königsdörffer

  1. The hit was not checked times because there were probably at the beginning of the action a foul by best in Adonis. The VAR tells the referee with but that everything went fine and the goal counts.

  2. A bit of this guidance had indicated in the final minutes, Regensburg had slowly taken control of the game.

  3. Tailor! REGENSBURG — Dresden 1: 0th Singh crosses from the left and at the far post is Smaller free. He takes volley and hits him with force inside the near post -. No chance for Roll

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga now in the Live ticker — Tor Regensburg

  1. Will sits on the left through and crosses on King Offer, whose header but far sailed over the goal.

  2. king Offer comes from 20 meters to shoot but approaches not good enough. Meyer certainly has the ball.

  3. The John is getting stronger. Dresden still has more possession, but Regensburg earned the better chances.

  4. Guard with a clever through ball to Singh, who pointed out some angle effort on goal. Roll is correct and has the ball in the follow-up.

  5. At this point, a quick look on the dual game. Between Fortuna Düsseldorf and 1. FC Dagenham there is also still 0: 0th

  6. Good cross from Guard to Albert, who is free header near the penalty spot. But he gets enough pressure behind the ball and Roll can hold him.

  7. Bukhara guilty of serious foul to Will, he meets with his foot in the abdominal area. Yellow card for Regensburg.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — Yellow card for Bukhara

  1. Dresden after 20 minutes played, the superior team the best chance of the game but had the John. In the last third, the Saxons were far too inaccurate.

  2. Singh dribbles from the left in the penalty area and shoots from 15 meters. The shot is blocked by Becker, but the ball goes back to Singh, this time may enter from a shorter distance — he chases the ball over the crossbar. That should have been the lead!

  3. Adonis plays Königsdörffer of the penalty area. Under pressure of this comes to a conclusion, but so overwhelmed Meyer not particularly out.

  4. A corner of Best Guard is completely free at the far post. But with his volley he hits the ball is not good and the ball bounces off the goal.

  5. Best commits a hard foul on Giorbelidze and the referee tells him that there will be a warning on the next challenge. The John has not yet been able to gain a foothold in this game.

8:. The first Dresden corner Wills edge is decapitated by Schreiner from the danger zone.

  1. Will plucks a high ball down well, picking up speed from the midfield and lights from the second row. Clearly about it. But overall it is a good start of Dresden, which embarrassed the game in half of the home side.

  2. Becker wants to play to his keeper a back pass, but his passport is too imprecise and hard. Roll has a decent sprint lie down to prevent a corner — the ball would have just passed the target.

  3. Schreiner gets in the air duel Morsels arm in the face. No intention there and after a short break we continue to Schreiner.

  4. kickoff!

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden 2. Bundesliga Now Live Scores — kick-off

Before the start: The teams are entering the field, and in a few minutes it starts.

Before the start: The 34-year-old Lapse Borowski will lead the party.

Before the start: The stringent measures Corona in Bavaria also have an impact on this game. The Jahnstadion may only be filled to 25 per cent, so there will be more than 3800 spectators.

Before the start: The climber puts on a very young team: With an average age of 25 years and 80 days Dresden starts with the recent second division starting since November 2019.

Before the start: A particular threat to Dresden tonight standard situations will be. The of Regensburg are from dead balls succeeded already 14 products. Dynamo managed only three times, however, einzunetzen in this way.

Before starting: However, the Saxons are heavy in the current season in strange stadiums. You lost your last five away games, a longer series lasted you last in 2019/20 with six away panels in a row. With only four points Dresden occupies the penultimate place in the away table in front of FC Ingolstadt.

Before starting: Dresden is not an opponent who is the John: Regensburg won none of the eight-second ligament games against Dynamo (two draws, six defeats)? Against no other team, the John joined in the under house so often without winning a single time. Conversely, Dresden played in the 2nd league against no other team so often without losing a once.

Before starting: Opponent of the Oberpfälzer is Dynamo Dresden, a team that could finish a negative series of six defeats in a row on the last Sunday against Fortuna.

Before starting: After 1-0 against Düsseldorf there are four changes: Giorbelidze, Porsche, Adonis and wants to replace Enters, Photo, Schröder and Herrmann.

Before being started: Alexander Schmidt forms his team in 4-3-1-2: Roll — Becker, Collabed, Adonis, Giorbelidze — Will, Stark, Königsdörffer — Porsche — Darneder, Bordello.

Before starting: Perseid Selimbegovic Changes the started compared to the 1: 4 defeat at HSV to four positions: New in the team are Keeper Meyer, Smaller, Otto and Guard — for the soft cherry tree, Lesser, Faber and Timber.

Before starting: Let’s take a look at the statements — at Regensburg it looks like a 4-4-2: Meyer — Smaller, Schreiner, Kennedy, Guard — Best, Bukhara, Besockkow, Singh — Albert, Otto.

Before starting: For the host from Regensburg, the mission is today: Reparation. The 1: 4 swatter in the past week against HSV already marked the second defeat in a row for Regensburg. Now it is important to entrain the turnaround against Dynamo Dresden. Dynamo, however, won his last game against Fortuna Düsseldorf. For Dresden this was the first victory after five match days. With new self-confidence, Dynamo wants to refill today.

Before starting: The kick-off to the present game of the 15th match day of the 2nd Bundesliga is at 18.30. Play today is the Jahnstadion Regensburg to Regensburg.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the encounter between John Regensburg and Dynamo Dresden.

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga today in the Linebacker — The listings

John Regensburg: Meyer — Smaller, Schreiner, Kennedy, Guard — Bukhara, Bestow, Best, Singh — Otto, Albert
Dynamo Dresden: Roll — Becker, Giorbelidze, Sollfewauer, Adonis — Stark — Porsche, Königsdörffer, Will — Darneder, Bordello

John Regensburg vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga today live on TV and Livestream

SKY shows the game between John Regensburg and Dynamo Dresden today exclusively on TV. On SKY Sport Bundesliga 2 you see the game live and full length from 18.00 clock. On SKY Sport Bundesliga 1 you see the game in the conference, together with the parallel game, also from 18.00 clock.

SKY also offers two options to see the game in the Livestream. This goes, among other things with the SKY-go app, or you bay you at SKY the SKY TICKET.

At oneefootball you also see the game in the Livestream. There you can buy the game as a single stream and also see the transmission of SKY for one-time 2.99 euros.

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2 . Bundesliga: The table before the 15th match day

Place | Team | Games | Goals | Difference | Points

1 | FC St. Pauli | 14 | 31: 16 | 15 | 29
2 | SV Darmstadt 98 | 14 | 35: 16 | 19 | 26
3 | SC Paderborn 07 | 14 | 28: 16 | 12 | 25
4 | John Regensburg | 14 | 30: 19 | 11 | 25
5 | 1. FC Nuremberg | 14 | 19: 12 | 7 | 24
6 | Hamburger SV | 14 | 24: 16 | 8 | 23
7 | FC Schalke 04 | 14 | 23: 17 | 6 | 23
8 | 1. FC Dagenham 1846 | 14 | 15: 20 | -5 | 21
9 | Welder Bremen | 14 | 20: 20 | 0 | 20
10 | Karlsruhe SC | 14 | 21: 21 | 0 | 18
11 | Hans Rostock | 14 | 17: 24 | -7 | 17
12 | Fortuna Düsseldorf | 14 | 19: 21 | -2 | 16
13 | Dynamo Dresden | 14 | 15: 18 | — 3 | 16
14 | Erzgebirge AUE | 14 | 13: 20 | -7 | 14
15 | Hanover 96 | 14 | 10: 18 | -8 | 14
16 | Holstein Kiel | 14 | 15: 25 | -10 | 14
17 | SV Tannhauser | 14 | 14: 28 | -14 | 12
18 | FC Ingolstadt 04 | 14 | 9: 31 | -22 | 6