The Battlefield 2042 players have recently found a nice little Easter egg in the form of a cute but mortal robotic dog named The Ranger. These rangers can be called by players during the match, acting as their own personal bodyguard. They shoot on the enemies as they wander on the battlefield.

Players can approach the Rangers and hold the interaction button. By doing this, a special animation occurs with the character of players on his knees to give a little love to the robotic dog. It is a cute Easter egg for a game such as Battlefield 2042, players that can caress the pretty little camera lens heads of these Robocops.

What is a good dog? wrote the developers of Battlefield 2042 on social networks, sharing a quick clip of said special animation.

It is a pleasant interaction that is a direct reference in the game to a conceptual work of Battlefield 2042. The interaction shows Angel, one of the game specialists, caressing a wounded storage. This can encourage players to go through the battlefield and stroking each robotic dog they see when they play the game multiplayer mode.

Although the Rangers can be cute, some players from Battlefield 2042 pointed out that staying too close long was not a good idea. Apparently, players can order the Robots to perform certain commands. They may even ask them to self-destruct.

The Rangers can be small, but the resulting self-destruction explosion could be huge and potentially kill players who are close to them. These robotic dogs can be machines to kill. The big machine gun on their back would be a dead gift for that.

Battlefield 2042 was launched with a difficult start, but other changes would be coming. In addition to bug fixes, the game also made some improvements to its user interface, nerves to some of its vehicles and adjustments to the recoil capacity of its weapons.

Just a Soldier and His Robot Dog ft. Halifax - Battlefield 2042 Gameplay
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