Christmas are the perfect time to be with the family and enjoy home, but also to vitiate our favorite games during the holidays. Epic Games Leave these dates well and, as happened last year, will give a good amount of games at your PC store for Christmas reasons. The only difference we will see with last year is that it will be a game less than last year, which were 15. It also seems that the titles that will give away are not turkey mucus and will begin strong on December 16 with a Game that has an fan base of niche but forceful.

The first game that comes out for free will be nothing more and nothing less than Hence III. The third installment of the beloved saga created by You Suzuki will arrive this Christmas free of charge according to the last leaks of a French portal. While it is not the best game of the whole saga, it is a good option for so peculiar games as this is, where the drama and calm lead the main plot of the title developed by SEGA during the last years and that began Like Kickstarter.

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These will start at 5:00 p.m. Spanish and We will have 24 hours to be able to buy by zero euros the game that present us Epic Games. Everything indicates that Hence III will be the first, but we still do not know what titles will complete the list of Christmas that gave so much to talk about last year. In order for us to get an idea, the works that appeared the passed vacation winter were very well qualified as the case of alien: isolation, metro 2033 or cities: Skylines were on the list, so That it is likely to not disappoint this year and even upload the level of the games more.