The SV When 1926 Wiesbaden GmbH is a football business from the Hessian state funding Wiesbaden, in which the license player department as well as the younger power center (U19, U17, U16) of the sports club impact in 1926-Taunusstein e. V. out of the Taunusstein district of labor. At the GmbH, 90 percent are a subsidiary of Harvest Holding (Hammer household) as well as 10 percent of the e. V. included, that holds the majority of votes according to the 50 + 1 policy. Both the groups of the GmbH (Profit, U19, U17, U16) and also the authorized association (U15, U14, U13, U12, U11) take place under the name SV When Wiesbaden (labor Wiesbaden or SHOW). The experts play in the third organization as well as bring their home matches in the Rita Field in Wiesbaden.

Andre Schubert had just trained the Scanner in about as long as his successor was finally busy: On Wednesday evening, the FC Ingolstadt announced the obligation of Rudder REM, who had confessed from 2017 until a few weeks ago at SV When Wiesbaden on the sideline.

Due to our current situation and our future orientation, we have developed a clear requirement profile for our head coach, said Dietmar Beiersdorf, Managing Director Sports and Communication, in the association’s report. Rudder REM will put important impetus at short notice, but is also conceptually for a medium and long-term development of the team.

REM, who has already trained the SG Sonnenhof Großaspach and Armenia Bielefeld before the SHOW, takes over the bottom of the underpass, who is already a little struck after 16 match days (first a victory) (seven points, the penultimate Tannhauser has 13). The team has the mentality and characters for this difficult task, but we also have to check out the last, crucial mixture, gives the 43-year-old.

Especially and, first, the full focus is now on to drive success experiences in order to achieve the goal of league yet, says Managing Director Beiersdorf. From Thursday, as the FCI reported, REM will prepare the Scanner on the upcoming home game against Hanover (Saturday, 13.30, live! At Wehen Wiesbaden).