Fans of Gears of War can now rush in Fortnite with two outfits of well-known characters in the series in the fight on the island.

So you can dress as Marcus Felix, the legendary hero of the Pendulum and Locust Wars or the Outsider and Coloration Wait Diaz.

These outfits are now available via the Item shop in the game:

Marcus Felix ​​— he had withdrawn from the service in the coalition of neat governments, but was brought into the fight from his son.
Wait Diaz (including winter-orange style) — once fought against the coalition of neat governments, but now part of her army.

If you have bought the outfit of Marcus Felix ​​and completed a Fortnite Match on Xbox Series X | S, you will also free the Matt black style that looks like this:

Of course, there are also the matching items, such as pickaxed, back accessory or glider:

Back accessory Sound Resonator (is sold together with the outfit Marcus Felix ) — designed by the coalition of neat governments to explore the underground tunnels of ERA.
Back accessory Reyna’s trailer (will be sold together with the outfit Wait Diaz ) — a family sieve with mysterious origin.
Pickaxe butterfly fragments of Locust tanks attached to a rotating rod.

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Pickaxe Hammer — lures the seeds to the surface.
Picker Butchered — with this blade Rocker meat can be hacked as easily as the KOR.
Hanging ladder Skiff — this fast, wind-powered land vehicle offers no protection against the elements, but also makes a good figure as a hanging ladder.

The new emote blades playing is also available in which you can show your skill with blade weapons:

Who buys the content in the package, gets the spray motif Breakthrough :

In addition, you can earn the spray motif Red Omen via orders. To do this, you have to do the following:

Collects three KOR brands
Ducks you behind a barrier
Adds damage to the opponent with a melee attack
Adds an opponent to damage with a shotgun
Collects thrash ball fan articles