HALO INFINITE debuted last week, and both players and specialized criticism were very happy with the final product. Of course, it is not a perfect game and also has its mistakes, although most of them are relatively harmless. But there is one in particular that is erasing the progress of the players and here we explain how you could evade it.

According to multiple publications in the forums of reset and halo waypoint, users of Xbox and PC are finding a strange bug, which causes the game to load the campaign in Third person and subsequently breaks the saving files completely.

When you want to return to the main menu, mention that the campaign does not charge you and a message appears by saying that your progress is 0%. Apparently, this problem has to do with the fact that the game wants to log in twice, something that normally happens after having retaken it with Quick summarizes, When the Internet is disconnected or when it connects a Second control

The Cause of the Halo Infinite Save File Corruption Bug

This bug also affects the multiplayer section, although at the moment it seems that it does not delete your progress with this topic. To avoid it, users recommend not suspending the game with Quick Resume, or connect a second control or connect and constantly disconnect the main control. At the moment there is no method tested to activate it, but it has to do with some of the things that I mentioned earlier.

Editor’s note: Unlike other games, the truth is that Halo Infinite debuted in very good condition but definitely had its complications. Hopefully 343 Industries can put hands on the site as fast as they can and correct all these problems as soon as possible.