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Sony Interactive Entertainment Launches All 5 Species for PlayStation 5 Cover and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Cover that can customize the appearance of PS5 Thank you.

The color to be released is 5 colors of Midnight Black Cosmic Red, Dual sense Wireless Controller New Color Nova Pink Palate Purple Starlight Blue.

Midnight Black Cosmic Red is 6,578 yen, January 27, 2022, Nova Pink Galactic Purple Starlight Blue will be released in the first half of 2022.

In addition, the new color variation Nova Pink Nova Pink Galactic Purple Starlight Blue of Dual sense Wireless Controller is scheduled to be released from January 1422, 2022.

Sony announces PS5 Colors!
The Cover for PS5 Midnight Black Cosmic Red and Danseuse Wireless Controller’s new color will start a sequential booking store or EC site at each product from December 16, 2021.