On the afternoon of December 15, Taurus presented one of his first reinforcements for the 2022 season of the Latin American League. The Argentine shark suffered from a year with many problems, falling to the bottom of the table in the opening and struggling for not relegating in the second semester. With the partial renewal of the team, sending Fabian Wrangell plains to the jungle, went to the qualifiers. He fell off Furious Gaming, but the results allowed him to avoid promotion / relegation.

Preseason 2022 Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends
With the look in returning to the throne of Latin America, Taurus plans another almost total renovation. He began with the farewell of Rodrigo Yeti of the castle, his coach, and the Wrangell. As replacements, Markus UKR Leumberberger E was spoken of Follow Anderson, respectively. In addition, there were also advances of King add Geronimo as a stellar reinforcement in the upper lane. Finally, it became official.

Taurus played with an image full of ADD data, such as the flagship champions, the streak in Team AZE, the nationality of him and previous tournaments, among other things. Minutes later, he welcomed the South Korean who wore all the LAP circuit 2021. It will take the position of Tomás Ezekiel Zero Colonel, Argentina who was part of the 2021 renovation and was in Furious Gaming.

ADD debuted at MVP at the end of 2015 and then be part of Bidibidi Gaming since 2018 until the end of 2020. The third team was Tuning (now Weibo gaming), although the passage of it was short and as a substitute for Chen Bin Remain. He had an end of 2021 with Team AZE’s shirt, contributing to the historic 40-0 streak that catapulted them to the 2022. However, the team had to say goodbye to his emblematic template a few weeks ago.

The ADD signing is the first of several, although it is subject to the approval of Riot Games. Taurus should still confirm the rest of the rails and the technical body that will lead the shark in its next year’s campaign.